Fire fighting training into enterprise fire prevention and control

Recently, the public security fire brigade of Wulian County in Rizhao City organized the “fire knowledge training course of residential construction system” organized by the Bureau of housing and urban rural development. More than 100 people from 31 enterprises and institutions, 24 construction units in the county and 23 construction enterprises from other places participated in the training

in the training course, combined with several typical cases of severe fires in recent years, the team supervisor made a profound analysis from the aspects of fire loss, disaster causes, fire escape and precautions, so as to tell you the importance of fire prevention, 1t also introduces the basic knowledge of fire safety and some details of fire safety that should be paid attention to in daily life, as well as the knowledge of how to report fire, how to put out the initial fire, how to use the fire extinguisher correctly, how to escape from the fire, how to save oneself and how to put out the fire. Finally, the training personnel were organized to carry out the fire fighting drill, and all the training personnel picked up the fire extinguisher to experience the feeling of fire fighting in person

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