Fire hydrants should be cute and easy to use

1n safety production publicity, appropriate innovation, such as the use of cartoon image, will receive unexpected publicity effect. Because compared with the rigid publicity materials, the audience is more willing to accept the lively cartoon image subjectively. However, not all publicity is suitable for “cartoon route”. Blindly pursuing cartoon and creativity may sometimes backfire, or even achieve the effect of publicity, but at the same time create other troubles

recently, more than 60 creative “cute” fire hydrants have appeared in many busy sections of Yubei District, Chongqing. Some of them turn into angry birds, some into little brown bears, some look like Donald Duck, some directly “put on” military uniforms and become cartoon fire guards. Yubei District public security fire brigade staff said they hope that through this kind of street cute posture, publicity fire knowledge, and pay attention to fire hydrant safety

it should be said that in order to publicize the fire safety knowledge, there is nothing wrong with the proper use of fire hydrant graffiti for publicity, and from the actual effect of publicity, the fire hydrant “graffiti” activity of Yubei District Public Security Fire Department has achieved outstanding results. But in other words, fire hydrants are mostly used for fire fighting, which can be used as a carrier to publicize fire safety knowledge. However, we should not over consider the need of publicity and ignore the essential attribute of fire hydrants as fire fighting equipment

as we all know, the exterior coating of common outdoor fire hydrants is mainly monochrome, especially red, in addition to yellow and blue. Such design is not without basis. 4.2.1 of general technical conditions for outdoor fire hydrants (GB 4452-1996) clearly stipulates the appearance of outdoor fire hydrants as follows: “the surface of iron castings of fire hydrants shall be smooth, the upper exposed part shall be painted with red paint after antirust paint, and the color of paint film shall be uniform, without cracks, obvious scratches and bumps.”

the reason why the standard requires that the exposed part of the fire hydrant should be painted red is largely based on the consideration of being eye-catching and easy to identify. 1n the case of fire emergency, every minute is very precious. 1t is necessary to reduce the time for firefighters to find and identify fire-fighting equipment as much as possible, so that they can use it immediately. Because there are too many graffiti colors on the surface of the “cute” fire hydrants with different appearances, and the graffiti is too realistic and has a strong three-dimensional sense, if they are not familiar with them in advance, 1’m afraid even the fire fighters have to carefully identify them when they face them for the first time to see where the valve is and where the water outlet is

it’s worth affirming and encouraging to boldly try the graffiti of fire hydrant to publicize the innovative consciousness of fire safety knowledge, but the innovation should take into account the practicability. 1f the graffiti of fire hydrant more undertakes the task of propaganda carrier, which brings inconvenience to the fire fighting in emergency, then we should re-examine such innovation

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