Fire in potash warehouse without water

At about 6:00 p.m. on August 8, a fire broke out in the warehouse where potash fertilizer was stored at Lanzhou material supply station on Jianxi road. Two fire squadrons rushed to the scene to put out the fire. After more than three hours of fighting, the warehouse fire was finally put out

eyewitnesses said that from 6:00 p.m. on that day, a fire broke out in the direction of Jianxi West Road at the cross of the west railway station, and the sky was covered with black smoke. The fire broke out in warehouse 54 in the factory. Apart from potash fertilizer, there were a few other chemical raw materials. After receiving the alarm, gongjiawan fire squadron rushed to the scene to put out the fire. 1n the process of fighting, it was found that there was no water at the fire water intake point in the factory. The fire officers and soldiers asked for reinforcement, and Qilihe fire squadron rushed to the scene to reinforce. Due to the great fire at the scene, the fire department mobilized a 18 ton high pressure jet foam fire extinguishing system. After more than an hour of fighting, the fire of the building on the scene was controlled, but the fire in the warehouse was still not put out. Due to the toxic gas generated after combustion, fire officers and soldiers are wearing air breathing apparatus to fight on the spot. Due to the lack of water, the fire tanker went outside the plant to get water. At about 8 pm, a bulldozer was sent to the scene, and the driver wore an air breathing apparatus to enter the warehouse and put out the fire by burying with soil. But because of the high temperature inside, the bulldozer’s tires were burnt out. People familiar with the matter said that at the beginning of the fire, explosions were constantly heard in the warehouse, and there was a lot of yellow smoke and pungent smell

it is understood that the fire was on the east side of the plant, and six fire engines entered the plant to put out the fire. The warehouse on fire was rented by a private owner in Anning, where potash fertilizer was stored. Finally, after more than three hours of fighting, the warehouse fire was put out. The fire, although the fire is very big, but if there is water in the plant, fire officers and soldiers will soon put out the fire. But either the fire hydrant was buried underground or there was no water at all, which delayed the progress of fire fighting. When the reporter interviewed at the scene, he was repeatedly obstructed by the security of the factory, and the security even insulted the TV reporter(China labor insurance net)

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