Fire knowledge into the construction site, put on the fire “helmet”

1n order to fully promote the special action of fire safety inspection, resolutely prevent and curb the occurrence of major fire accidents, ensure that the investigation and rectification of fire hazards at construction sites are in place, and improve the ability of fire prevention and control in mining areas. On April 22, Xishan brigade of Taiyuan fire brigade went deep into the construction site to carry out fire knowledge publicity, and put on fire “safety helmet” for construction units

the inspectors of Xishan fire brigade first had a detailed understanding of the construction site, and then checked whether the construction site was constructed in accordance with the fire design standards submitted for approval, whether the fire-fighting facilities were equipped and installed in accordance with the standards, whether the fire safety management system, fire prevention measures of building materials were seriously implemented at the construction site The fire resistance rating and fire prevention measures of migrant workers’ sheds on the construction site, and whether the electrical lines are in line with the fire management regulations, etc., and carry out on-site service guidance according to the problems found, so as to ensure that the quality and quantity of each link of the new project meet the fire safety standards, and make the management personnel on the construction site aware of the severe situation faced by the fire safety of the construction site, Enhance the consciousness of rectification of fire hazards, fully eliminate fire hazards, do a solid job of fire prevention and control at construction sites with a high sense of responsibility, and ensure the fire safety of construction sites. Finally, the staff of Xishan fire brigade popularized fire safety knowledge for migrant workers, distributed fire publicity materials, and explained the basic fire knowledge and the use of fire extinguisher. 1t further enhanced the consciousness and main responsibility of migrant workers to operate according to regulations, effectively improved the professional level of fire inspection and patrol of safety officers at construction sites, strengthened the understanding of construction site leaders and operators on safety production, ensured the implementation of various construction operation procedures at construction sites, eliminated all kinds of potential accidents in a timely manner, and put an end to improper operation at construction sites All kinds of fire accidents caused by consciousness paralysis

through the publicity of fire protection knowledge on construction sites, the fire safety management system of construction units has been standardized, the fire safety awareness and self-help ability of construction site employees have been effectively improved, the fire hazards existing in construction projects have been effectively eliminated, and the stability of fire safety situation in Xishan mining area has been further consolidated

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