Fire propaganda “flash” and “fashion” won high praise

“Flash Action” is a kind of Hippie behavior which is popular in the world recently. 1t can be regarded as a kind of transient performance art. Recently, Jize fire brigade introduced the fashionable “fire flash” publicity mode and held a “fire flash” activity in front of likelong supermarket in Jize county to promote fire protection

in front of likelung supermarket, a “daredevil” was smoking in a non-smoking place, and then he threw his cigarette butt on the ground, which ignited the fuel and caused a fire, attracting the “fire monster”. The “fire monster” quickly surrounded the “daredevil”, just when the life of the “daredevil” was threatened, 1n the crowd, brave firefighters and fire volunteers swarmed from all directions with fire extinguishers, surrounded and subdued the “fire monster”. With the majestic music, the firefighters immediately lined up, neatly and forcefully called out the slogan: “don’t sit rash, don’t make a fire, you and 1 are united, eliminate the fire” and quickly left

then, in the supermarket, a group of “fire monsters” wearing red flame clothes and masks were frantically chasing two panic stricken “fire line” and “zero line”. Just as the “fire monsters” group was preparing to besiege the “fire line” and “zero line”, firefighters and fire volunteers swarmed in from all directions with fire extinguishers, Surround the monster and subdue it. With the music, the firefighters yelled out again: “don’t sit rash, don’t make a fire, you and 1 are united, eliminate the fire” and left quickly

Li Wei, the instructor of the fire brigade of Jize county public security, told the reporter: “this” fire flash “action is not only a new attempt of innovating propaganda methods, but also a new attempt to eliminate the fire from the ideological source with the purpose of improving the fire awareness of the whole people. Through this fashionable form of activity, the broad masses of the people will be inspired to pay attention to fire control, learn about fire control and fire prevention The enthusiasm of participating in the fire fighting will form a good social effect and create a strong and active fire safety atmosphere in an all-round way. “

Ms. Liu, who watched the activity, said to the reporter: “this’ fire flash ‘activity is very novel. Through this form of publicity, 1 feel that the effect is more intuitive and easier to accept. 1t’s especially good to break the original boring way of preaching and publicity.”

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