Fire protection pays close attention to the publicity and inspection of the construction site

1n order to further improve the fire safety of construction sites, resolutely curb the breeding of fire hazards, and ensure the fire safety of the jurisdiction. 1n recent days, the fire brigade of Kangbao County, Zhangjiakou City, went deep into the construction sites under its jurisdiction and carried out fire safety inspection, which laid a solid foundation for ensuring the sustained and stable fire situation of the whole county

according to the introduction, during this inspection, the law enforcement officers have carefully inspected the five construction sites in succession, and carried out simultaneously with the publicity. The publicity on the laws and regulations of building fire protection design, the construction of “four abilities” and the comprehensive construction of social fire safety “firewall” project runs through the whole process of fire inspection and guidance

during the inspection, the law enforcement personnel will check whether the fire approval procedures of the construction projects in the construction site are perfect; Whether there is fire safety management system in the construction site and migrant workers’ dormitory; Whether the project is constructed in strict accordance with the drawings and relevant technical specifications; Whether the use of fire, electricity and gas is standardized; Whether the fire passage is unblocked, whether the fire extinguisher and other corresponding equipment are equipped, and whether the temporary fire water source is set up are inspected

the fire brigade of Kangbao said that after inspection, most construction sites can carry out construction according to the requirements of the fire department, and the fire-fighting facilities are in place, but there are still some problems such as inadequate safety measures and weak fire safety awareness in individual construction sites. 1n view of the existing problems, the law enforcement personnel patiently explained the severity of the current fire situation to the relevant person in charge, and guided the person in charge to carry out the rectification. At the same time, it told the builders to keep a close eye on the string of “fire safety” and do a good job in the management of fire safety signs at construction sites, so as to ensure the continuous and stable fire situation in the county

the fire department said that through this inspection, a number of fire safety hazards were eliminated in time, the fire safety management of construction sites was further deepened, and the fire situation was continuously stable

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