Fire publicity and popularization of common sense into the community

Since the beginning of summer, Xiamen fire brigade has grasped the characteristics of phased fire prevention and control, grasped the key points of publicity, and taken effective measures to solidly promote the publicity and education of summer fire

define the standard of fire station opening. The detachment formulated the “notice on Further Strengthening the opening of fire stations”, made clear the requirements and standards for the opening of fire stations, established the business standards for the opening of fire stations, coordinated and guided the work mechanism, improved the archives account for the opening of fire stations, carried out inspection and supervision on the opening of fire stations once a month, and included the opening of fire stations in the half year work evaluation. According to the characteristics of fire prevention in summer, in the opening work of fire station, we should pay attention to the quality education of fire safety and the improvement of self-protection and self rescue ability from four aspects: the basic knowledge of fire safety, the basic knowledge of fire laws and regulations, the basic requirements of fire work and the basic ability training of fire fighting. According to different visitors, the detachment will arrange publicity manuals and distribute them to the visitors free of charge

increase investment in fire protection publicity construction. The detachment has increased investment in the construction of fire control publicity and made efforts to improve fire control publicity facilities. Siming District and Huli district respectively invested more than 900000 yuan to purchase experiential and professional fire-fighting propaganda vehicles integrating fire-fighting experience, simulated escape, visit and education. The Publicity Division of the detachment guides the teams in each district, invests special funds to update and produce the fire protection publicity boards, outdoor video public service ads, LED video publicity and building public service publicity contents, and sets up public service fire protection publicity columns in large-scale densely populated places and residential communities, so as to improve the fire protection publicity effect. By the end of May, the city had invested more than 4 million yuan in the purchase of fire propaganda vehicles and propaganda equipment

carry out fire prevention publicity into the community. According to the characteristics of more community cultural activities in summer, we should strengthen the fire prevention publicity into the community and ensure a large-scale publicity activity every month. The fire brigade of each district skillfully took advantage of the platform of community cultural activities at night and on weekends to send mobile fire publicity to the community square, broadcast the teaching video of family fire prevention and escape, and distribute fire publicity materials. Nanputuo volunteer fire propaganda team was organized, and a small community fire prevention lecture hall was set up in the night school for community residents to teach the family fire prevention tips. According to the characteristics of summer fire, organize the community fire safety grid administrator to go into the house, guide the residents to investigate the hidden danger of family fire, and remind the residents of the precautions when using mosquito repellent incense and liquefied gas

focus on the interview activity of “unblocking life channel media line”. Relying on the competent departments of various industries, we organized and carried out “life channel experience” activities in campuses, cinemas, labor-intensive enterprises, personnel intensive places and public gathering places, launched mainstream media such as Xiamen Daily, Taiwan Strait guide and Xiamen TV station, carried out the joint interview action of “smooth life channel media line”, and released 96119 complaint hotline through the media, More than 20 reporters were organized to conduct in-depth interviews, and a number of illegal fire-fighting behaviors such as blocking fire passages and forcing emergency exits were exposed, creating a public opinion atmosphere in which the whole people participate and pay attention to fire safety

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