Fire rescue for construction workers falling into wells

at 14:50 on May 27, Cangzhou fire command center received an alarm that a middle-aged man accidentally fell into a pile driving shaft at the construction site of Hengda city in the urban area. After receiving the alarm, Cangzhou fire immediately dispatched three fire engines and 15 fire officers and soldiers to the scene for rescue

after the fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene, the field investigation found that the diameter of the pile shaft was about 65cm and the depth was more than 20m. Because the trapped man was fat, he was stuck more than 10 meters underground. The rescue of workers organized by the construction site failed, so they had to dial “119” for help. According to the situation at the scene, fire officers and soldiers immediately launched rescue. Fire officers and soldiers tied two safety ropes into knots and threw them underground. After confirming that the trapped man had tied the ropes, fire officers and soldiers pulled up the safety ropes together. Just as the trapped man was approaching the wellhead, a safety rope suddenly loosened and fell off. At this critical moment, a fire fighter, regardless of personal safety, quickly rushed to the wellhead and pulled the trapped man, and then all the people worked together to rescue the trapped man

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