Fire safety cartoon image design

“safety production month” is coming, and the national safety production cartoon image creative competition has begun. Liancheng County of Fujian Province has designated a special person to take charge of the competition. Focusing on the theme of “caring for life and paying attention to safety”, it vigorously popularizes safety knowledge, improves the fire safety quality of the whole people, and ensures that the activity achieves the expected effect

in the process of creation, around the central elements of daily life, such as fire prevention, fire fighting, escape, and daily work and life of fire officers and soldiers, after widely listening to the opinions and suggestions of the majority of officers and soldiers, the design renderings were modified many times, and in the form of popular animation and cartoon, the firefighters were vividly depicted in the fire fighting and rescue tasks 1t is easy to understand, close to life, close to reality, and achieves the goal of integrating “humor, interest and practicality”

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