Fire safety inspection before Spring Festival in Ordos

1n order to further promote the second “fire suppression” campaign and ensure the stability of the city’s fire situation, in recent days, local government leaders of Ordos City have led many departments to carry out fire safety inspection before the Spring Festival within their jurisdiction to eliminate fire hazards with an iron hand

on the morning of January 15, deuliji, deputy head of Hangjinqi people’s government and director of public security, led the leaders of public security, fire control, safety supervision and other departments to go deep into Hangjinqi bus station, oswalden Hotel, Haichang shopping mall and other key units to carry out safety production inspection. At Hangjinqi bus station, deputy head of dewuliji briefly listened to the Spring Festival transportation security and fire work report of the station leader, and on-site inspected the implementation of fire extinguisher, safety hammer and other safety precautions; 1n the Oswald Hotel and Haichang shopping mall, deputy flag leader deuliji had a detailed understanding of the fire-fighting facilities, escape passage, commodity storage, hotel banquet hall, kitchen environment and hidden danger rectification progress, and went deep into the fire control room and video monitoring room for on-the-spot inspection, and inquired about the recent fire safety work The implementation of the safety responsibility system and the operation of various safety facilities, as well as random sampling of the fire extinguisher operation of employees in the place. During the inspection, comrade deuliji stressed: during the “two sessions” of the whole region, shopping malls, hotels and other densely populated places should attach great importance to fire safety, especially when the Spring Festival is coming, which is a time when all kinds of fire accidents are frequent and prone to occur. 1t is necessary to seriously implement the fire safety responsibility system, strictly manage the use of fire and electricity, and strengthen the allocation, repair and maintenance of fire equipment and facilities, At the same time, the fire brigade should strengthen supervision, complete fire-fighting facilities and dredge escape routes as soon as possible

on January 17, he Xiangguo, deputy head of the government of Urumqi Municipal People’s Procuratorate, convened the public security, fire control, transportation, safety supervision, transportation management and traffic management departments of Urumqi Municipal People’s Procuratorate to inspect the work of the Spring Festival transportation, accompanied by relevant persons in charge of each department. During the inspection, he Xiangguo and his party first went to the passenger bus station of galutu town in Wushen Banner for inspection. The key points of the inspection include: checking the fire safety evacuation passageway, evacuation staircase, safety exit unblocked and safety exit facilities, evacuation signs, emergency lighting setting and fire extinguisher allocation in waiting hall, parking lot and other places; Check the fire extinguisher equipped in the driving vehicle and the use of the fire extinguisher by the driver; Check the implementation of fire safety responsibility system and daily fire safety management measures of the station; Check the operation of fire-fighting facilities and the maintenance and management of fire-fighting equipment in the station; Check the implementation of the station duty, patrol system and fire, electricity, gas and oil fire safety management system; Check the fire safety knowledge of employees in the hall, master the use of fire-fighting equipment, and organize personnel evacuation, escape and self rescue, as well as the formulation and drill of emergency evacuation plan. Later, he Xiangguo and his party went to Ping’an taxi company of Wushen Banner to learn about the preparations for the Spring Festival transportation from the person in charge of the taxi company. Taxi companies are required to strengthen the management of taxi drivers and enhance the overall image of Wushen Banner

in order to further enhance the awareness of fire safety and ensure the creation of a good fire safety environment during the Spring Festival, Wang Deqiang, deputy head of Zhungeer people’s government and director of Public Security Bureau, led the main persons in charge of fire control, safety supervision, public security and other units to carry out surprise fire safety inspection on shopping malls and markets under his jurisdiction. 1n Xinglong market of Xuejiawan Town, Zhun banner, Wang Deqiang and his party made a detailed inquiry and inspection on the market’s duty, personnel’s post responsibilities, fire-fighting facilities and internal inspection. 1n particular, the implementation of the fire safety responsibility system, the allocation of fire-fighting facilities, whether the fire safety exit and evacuation passage are unblocked, the basic knowledge of fire protection and the operation of basic fire-fighting equipment of the employees are inspected. After the inspection, Wang Deqiang, deputy head of the banner, asked the market leaders to strengthen the internal fire safety and security work to form a comprehensive prevention system with legal person responsibility, sound organization, complete prevention facilities and strict prevention system. Second, relevant units should perform their duties in accordance with the law, strengthen law enforcement, provide warm services, help the units under their jurisdiction to come up with ideas and find ways, supervise and urge the timely elimination of fire hazards, and strictly control fire hazards. Third, it is necessary to carry out in-depth fire publicity, pool the wisdom and strength of the whole society, and create a good fire safety environment for the jurisdiction

the fire safety inspection before the Spring Festival led by the leaders of local governments in Ordos City not only fully reflects that the party committees and governments at all levels and functional departments in Ordos City attach great importance to the fire safety work, and the various work measures deployed by the party committees and governments are solid, effective and effective, but also effectively eliminate the fire hazards in the society, Better ensure that the city’s fire safety situation continues to be stable

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