Fire safety publicity activities in spring in Shanghai

1n recent days, Shanghai Fire Department has taken various measures to carry out spring fire safety publicity and education activities to enhance the fire safety awareness of all kinds of people, enhance the understanding of fire work and the life of officers and soldiers, and create a good atmosphere for building a harmonious relationship between the police and the people

Xinqiao fire squadron went to Dafeng (Shanghai) Computer Co., Ltd. to carry out spring fire publicity. During the activity, the officers and soldiers of the squadron explained in detail the common sense of fire prevention and escape self rescue to the staff of the unit, and organized the staff of the enterprise to conduct on-the-spot training on the use of fire-fighting facilities and air breathing apparatus of the unit. Through the publicity activities, the self-protection and self rescue ability of employees in enterprises and institutions under the jurisdiction was further enhanced, the fire knowledge was popularized, and the fire safety awareness and fire resistance ability of social units were improved

Songjiang fire brigade invited teachers and students from Jiuting Town Central Primary School to visit the brigade. 1n the garage, the fire officers and soldiers introduced the name, purpose and equipment of the fire truck to the teachers and students, and demonstrated on the spot. Subsequently, the squadron cadres gave teachers and students a lively open class of fire safety education, which made them fully understand the fire prevention and extinguishing knowledge and the fire safety hidden dangers in daily life, enhanced the fire prevention awareness of teachers and students, and further promoted the campus fire safety publicity work

the fire supervisor of Jinshan fire brigade visited the column group of a TV station to exchange fire safety matters of residents’ community with the audience. The theme of the program is fire safety in residential communities. Through detailed fire data, the program analyzes the occurrence, causes and Countermeasures of fires in Jinshan District in recent two years, and focuses on the key points of dialing the alarm telephone, fighting and rescuing the initial fire, evacuating and using fire fighting equipment, etc We should strengthen the propaganda of fire control, broaden the training of fire control skills, and establish a long-term supervision mechanism< More than 120 teachers and students of Zhongshan North Road Primary School visited Zhabei fire brigade to study. During the visit, the officers and soldiers of the detachment introduced to the teachers and students the history of the squadron, the setting of internal affairs, the performance of the fire engine and the use of the equipment attached to the vehicle. They operated and demonstrated the fire fighting skills such as receiving and dispatching the police, wearing fire-fighting clothes, and wearing air breathing apparatus. They also explained in detail the types and use methods of the fire extinguisher, the initial fire fighting and rescue, and so on Fire escape self-help methods and fire alarm methods and other aspects of knowledge. Through the visit and study, the teachers and students further enhanced their fire safety awareness and self rescue ability, enhanced the friendship between the army and the resident school, and laid a solid foundation for the in-depth campus fire work Fengxian fire brigade carries out fire safety training for employees of enterprises under its jurisdiction. By playing the video of typical fire cases, this paper deeply analyzes the causes of fire, introduces in detail the common sense of fire prevention and the maintenance methods of daily fire-fighting facilities, teaches the escape skills and precautions, and leads the staff to experience the operation of fire extinguisher and wall hydrant one by one. Through this activity, the fire safety awareness of employees was further enhanced, and the ability of putting out initial fire and self rescue and mutual rescue was improved Jinshan fire brigade takes advantage of the fire station open day to provide the masses with zero distance access to fire fighting. During the activity, the officers and soldiers of the detachment explained to the visitors the fire prevention measures at home, the precautions for escaping from the fire, saving people and self-help, alarming, the types and use of fire-fighting equipment and other fire-fighting knowledge, performed the fire-fighting characteristic projects such as queue, special equipment operation, hook ladder and so on, and carried out the experience interactive activities such as learning to stack quilts, learning to practice queue, learning to operate equipment and so on. At the same time, Jinshan fire brigade also walked into the nursing home. 1n view of the characteristics of the nursing home, such as large number of people, old age and inconvenient movement, it patiently and carefully explained the importance of fire safety, common fire hazards and escape methods for the elderly and staff with easy to understand words, and demonstrated the use of fire extinguishers Minhang fire brigade, together with the local police station, has successively carried out special fire safety training in many large residential areas under its jurisdiction. The training involved more than 500 people, mainly focusing on the disposal of fire emergencies in the community, the spontaneous combustion of road vehicles, the use of fire-fighting equipment, and the fire safety management of underground space in the community. During the training, the training staff of the detachment pointed out: at present, many communities in the jurisdiction are large in scale and have a large number of immigrants. Therefore, we should strengthen the emergency preparedness for fire accidents, be familiar with and understand more fire-fighting facilities and equipment, and ensure that they can be used in case of emergencies. Through this training, the fire safety awareness of security personnel in the community has been enhanced, and their ability to quickly deal with initial fire and self-defense and self rescue has been improved, which has laid a foundation for ensuring the safety and stability of the community Qingpu fire brigade adopts the way of “going out, please come in”, focusing on strengthening the propaganda and education for vulnerable groups, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and key units, popularizing the fire safety knowledge of vulnerable units and groups, and teaching the use of simple fire-fighting facilities and escape methods in emergency. At the same time, the detachment also actively contacted the news media to track and report the rescue and social assistance work carried out by officers and soldiers, publicize the excellent image of the fire forces, and comprehensively enhance the social attention to the fire work Jing’an fire brigade went deep into the community to carry out fire safety publicity activities. During the activity, the propagandists focused on 10 common sense of fire prevention, 4 countermeasures and 6 escape methods. People at the scene said that they would pay more attention to fire safety in the future, and strive to apply what they have learned in training to their daily life and work. 1n the next step, the detachment will extensively carry out the publicity activity of “fire knowledge into the family”, further strengthen the targeted fire prevention and control measures, and create a strong fire safety publicity atmosphere our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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