Fire safety rope shows great power

Generally speaking, the causes of accidents in work safety can be attributed to three main factors: human, machine and environment. Human is the leading factor among the three factors. People’s safety behavior largely depends on people’s safety awareness, so improving people’s safety awareness is the key to do a good job in safety work. Next, let’s take an example:

at one time, a fire broke out in a sponge warehouse in 69 building, Zongtang Distric2, Jiangdong Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, trapping many people. After the accident, the fire brigade of Yiwu city quickly dispatched two public security fire squadrons of Beiyuan and Houjiang, and two full-time fire brigades of Jiangdong and Houjiang, with a total of 9 fire engines and 51 officers and men rushing to the scene of the fire to put out the fire. After nearly 50 minutes of hard work, the fire was successfully put out and 5 trapped people were rescued

according to the situation of the scene, after investigating the scene of the fire, the commander immediately ordered to launch an offensive against the fire. First, a group of firefighters wear personal protective equipment and carry disposable gas masks into the fire building to search and rescue. At the same time, a group of firefighters put out a water gun from the fire warehouse to suppress the fire. Then, the commander ordered to form two groups of fire fighting teams to go deep into the warehouse to put out the fire. Five minutes later, the five trapped people were rescued by the firefighters in turn. The on-site commander immediately issued the order of attack. With the deepening of the firefighters, the fire was effectively controlled. At 8:30, the residual fire in the warehouse was basically put out. 1n order to ensure that the fire will not re ignite, the on-site commander ordered two team members to enter the warehouse to cool and water the goods in the warehouse. After nearly 50 minutes of fighting, the fire was successfully put out at 8:45. The fire area of about 15 square meters, the cause of the fire is under further investigation

according to the trapped people, the sponge was flammable at that time, the whole corridor was blocked by the fire, and the tongue of fire was constantly sticking out to the roof, so it was impossible to escape through the stairs. Later, people remembered that there was a safety rope left in the room. We quickly tied the safety rope on the anti-theft window and successfully escaped from the fire along the fire safety rope

only with safety awareness can you decide your behavior at work. Behavior determines your habits, habits determine your quality, and quality determines your destiny. Use your good safety awareness to control your destiny and fully shout the slogan of “three don’t’s”

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