Fire safety tips for Dragon Boat Festival issued by Fire Bureau

1n view of the characteristics of the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival holiday, such as more large-scale activities, crowded public places, high temperature and easy to cause fire, the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security issued the fire safety tips for the Dragon Boat Festival on May 28 to remind the public to pay attention to the fire safety during the festival

during the Dragon Boat Festival, a variety of folk activities such as dragon boat racing will attract a large number of tourists. The Fire Department of the Ministry of public security reminds us that before going out to play, please turn off the gas and electrical switches, and clean up the indoor balcony and corridor combustibles; Don’t take inflammable and explosive materials to take public transportation and be careful of fire. Self driving tour to check the vehicle circuit, oil circuit, do not put the lighter, perfume and other flammable and explosive products, to see whether the vehicle fire extinguisher expired. Br / >
in the process of playing in large-scale activities and children’s playground, pay attention not to crowd, prevent stampede accidents, and take good care of the elderly and children. When entering public places, you should pay attention to the location of the emergency exit, remember the escape direction and route, and quickly escape from the nearest emergency exit in an orderly manner in case of fire

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