Fire volunteers give fire protection treasures to the masses

1n order to do a good job of fire safety publicity, expand fire safety publicity, and actively create a good atmosphere for the whole people to actively participate in fire safety. On May 9, Huadian fire United TV station of Jilin City, Jilin Province, launched a fire safety publicity campaign in the prosperous business district

at the activity site of Lanjing shopping center in Daxing street, fire propagandists carried out fire safety publicity and education by hanging banners, setting up fire publicity and consultation desk, and distributing publicity materials. This time, the design publicity materials are rich and comprehensive in contents, such as the popular basic knowledge of fire fighting, the construction of “four abilities” of fire safety of social units, the requirements of fire safety facilities, fire safety management, fire safety escape, preventive measures in various places and fire escape points, etc, Let the whole people understand what it means and how it works. 1n front of the fire propaganda and consultation desk, the fire propagandists explained the fire knowledge to the masses and answered the questions that the masses didn’t understand. At the same time, the public should be reminded from time to time that when the air is dry and the materials are dry in spring, their friends should clean up the combustibles in the house and around the community in time, strengthen the fire safety awareness in the use of fire and gas, and actively learn the common sense of fire safety, learn to correctly dial 119, learn the ability of self rescue in the early stage of fire, and master the skills of self rescue in fire fighting and escape. The whole event lasted for nearly two hours, and Huadian TV station made a follow-up report

this publicity campaign has distributed more than 3000 copies of various fire safety materials and received more than 100 people’s consultation. 1t has further strengthened the fire publicity, improved the public’s fire safety awareness, and created a good fire safety environment for popularizing fire knowledge, eliminating fire hazards and further building a harmonious society

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