Firefighters wearing protective clothing entered the shaft to rescue the intoxicated and comatose people

Every dangerous accident is definitely not accidental. Chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories and other places prone to gas leakage or dangerous accidents, we should always pay attention to the comprehensive detection of whether our factory safety measures are in place, whether the air respirator, protective clothing, gas detector and other related safety detection tools are in place, The use of these security products is very important for the production of an enterprise

at present, two painters in a shaft at a certain level accidentally fell into the bottom of the shaft during the operation, and the comprehensive safety rescue war is imminent

because the two operators were painting with tower cranes, they felt that there was not much problem in the operation, so they started the operation without wearing protective clothing and air respirator. When the protective measures were not perfect, they fell into deep well poisoning coma

after receiving the alarm, the fire fighters rushed to the scene in an emergency. After a series of understanding of the relevant situation, they put on protective clothing and other security tools and went to the bottom of the well for rescue. The fire fighters went down into the well and opened the valve of the air respirator to dilute the air in the well, The trapped people were pulled out of the shaft with safety ropes and immediately sent to the hospital for comprehensive rescue

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