Firmly curb the frequent occurrence of construction accidents

According to the requirements of the emergency notice issued by the office of the Safety Commission of the State Council:

resolutely curb the frequent occurrence of construction accidents

in view of the recent successive construction accidents across the country, the office of the Safety Commission of the State Council issued an emergency notice, requiring all localities to further strengthen the bottom line thinking and red line awareness, deeply learn from the lessons of recent construction accidents, and strengthen the work of construction safety production

the notice pointed out: “the above accidents fully exposed some outstanding problems, such as the lack of implementation of construction safety production responsibilities in some areas and units, inadequate safety precautions, incomplete investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, lax on-site control, ineffective investigation and treatment of illegal construction activities, and weak links in industrial safety supervision.”

the notice requires all regions and relevant departments to quickly organize relevant units within their jurisdiction to carry out investigation on hidden dangers of bridge and tunnel projects, strictly investigate five kinds of hidden dangers, strictly crack down on four types of illegal construction behaviors, and do a good job in construction safety in flood season

five kinds of hidden dangers should be strictly checked, that is, whether there is a professional design and construction scheme for the bridge, especially for the rural highway bridge engineering should be checked; Whether the materials meet the specification requirements and whether the construction process is reasonable; Whether the overall stability of piers and abutments is reliable; Whether there is displacement in arch seat of arch bridge, etc; For highway and railway tunnel engineering, it is necessary to check whether the parameters of support engineering (including advanced support and initial support) and the conditions of tunnel entrance and exit slope protection, advanced geological prediction, monitoring and measurement meet the requirements of industry specifications and construction scheme

four types of illegal construction activities should be severely cracked down, that is, construction projects start without approval, construction permit and other legal construction procedures; Contract projects without relevant qualification or beyond the scope of qualification, illegally subcontract and subcontract projects, and carry out construction without work safety license; The “three types of personnel” of construction enterprises (the main person in charge of the enterprise, the person in charge of the project, the full-time safety production management personnel) and special operation personnel work without certificates; The construction unit arbitrarily compresses the reasonable construction period of the project and interferes with the normal project construction management of the construction unit; The project construction unit and other responsible subjects do not seriously carry out the rectification or refuse to implement the safety supervision and supervision instructions, resist the safety law enforcement and other illegal construction behaviors on the safety inspection and rectification notice issued by the relevant government departments

do a good job in construction safety production in flood season, carefully check the potential geological disasters such as landslides, collapses, floods and debris flows existing in the construction site, and scientifically select sites for campsites, office sites, warehouses, etc; 1t is necessary to pay close attention to the extreme weather forecast such as typhoon and heavy rainfall at any time, pay close attention to the adverse effects of extreme weather on deep foundation pit, pipe trench (trench), underground, lifting and high-altitude operation, and suspend dangerous operation in time< On May 14, several workers of Zhuxianzhuang Coal Mine in Anhui Huaibei mining group were replacing the main shaft skip connecting device. The mine firmly establishes the idea of "safety first", practically straightens out the relationship between safety and production, safety and benefit, and arranges four days for comprehensive maintenance of mechanical equipment in key parts of the mine, so as to eliminate the "sick" operation of equipment our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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