first line story: dare to sing “black face” for safety helmet

during the overhaul, 1 thought about the possible risks at the scene many times in the middle of the night, and immediately jumped out of bed, recorded them, or directly informed the technicians who were still on the scene. My wife always called me “neurotic”, she said: “1 think the device is your home, if there is a next life, 1 will not live with you.” 1 know, this is her complaint, in fact, she wanted me to accompany her more

January 1 this year is the 30th anniversary of my wife’s marriage. There is a fashionable saying called “Pearl marriage”. My wife said to me, “although it’s been hard for 30 years, it’s stable! 1’ll have to live with you in my next life

in recent years, 1 have not been absent from the construction of nine new units; More than 20 times of device maintenance, 1 was not absent. But 1 was absent from a major event in my life… 1n May 2003, my mother’s cancer condition deteriorated and she was admitted to the hospital. At that time, it was Px, the fourth reforming of CCCC, and the start of the installation was very busy. My long sick mother understood my mind and comforted me by saying, “1 know my condition, and that’s it. Your work is important. Go ahead and don’t delay.” So, 1 go to work first in the daytime and go to the hospital to accompany me after work. What 1 didn’t expect was that my mother left so fast in a broad day. After receiving the phone call, 1 rushed back, and 1 didn’t have time to deliver the last journey. 1 didn’t say the last word. 1’m very sorry. As the old saying goes, loyalty and filial piety are difficult to achieve. At that time, 1 tried my best to achieve this goal

1 have been working as a security officer for 23 years. Unexpectedly, my deeds have aroused strong repercussions in the society. 1n the past two years, 1 have been on the front page of Zhejiang Daily, the voice of Zhejiang, China workers’ daily, work safety guide, Sinopec daily, Sinopec TV news and other newspaper websites. 1 have also won the outstanding communist party member of Zhejiang Province, the May 1st Labor Medal of Zhejiang Province, the advanced individual of spiritual civilization construction of Sinopec, the outstanding communist party member of the organs directly under Zhejiang Province Zhenhai Refining and chemical company “labor model” and other honorary titles

to be honest, what 1 have done can not be more ordinary, but the organization has given me so many honors. 1 think the only thing 1 can repay is not forgetting my original intention, insisting on the safety of the device every day, and continuing to fulfill the promise of “unremitting safety report for life”

in the past two years, 1 have participated in the start-up of a new unit and the maintenance of three old units. 1 have discovered and dealt with more than 1400 potential problems and avoided 4 accidents; More than 880 work permits have been issued, and the record of safety and no accident has been kept

1 have been working hard to keep my nearly 40 years of experience before retirement. So far, the self-made security technology courseware has been recorded into 3 lecture videos and 7 wechat classes

1 sincerely thank the organization for its care, help, support and encouragement to me. 1 will stand the last post well, because Zhenhai Refining Chemical is my home. 1 am grateful for the cultivation of Zhenhai Refining Chemical. 1 sincerely hope Zhenhai Refining Chemical will make new achievements in the future

on April 6, 2016, a delegation from the trade union investigation group of enterprises and institutions under the Ministry of Zhejiang province came to the company to conduct an on-site investigation on Han Anping, the candidate of “May 1 Labor Medal of Zhejiang Province”. After the investigation, the investigation team wrote: through the shining point of Han Anping, a front-line refining and chemical worker, we deeply feel that the “craftsman spirit” has been fully displayed in him. 1n the petrochemical industry, we need such a typical representative. This typical representative is not only Han Anping himself, but also represents the face of Zhenhai Refining and chemical workers, and also represents the image of front-line workers in Zhejiang Province

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