Fitter’s glass window on the 12th floor falls down without safety rope

at about 1 pm yesterday, a decorator accidentally fell from the 12th floor and died on the spot when he was installing balcony glass windows for an owner in Yangguang City New Territories community, Jinzhou Road, Fuzhou. Witnesses said that the decoration workers did not fasten safety ropes. Since last year, there have been a number of incidents of high-rise buildings falling in Fuzhou during the construction of fitters and air-conditioning installers. 1t is hoped that the high-altitude operators should pay attention to safety during construction and provide safety equipment

the reporter saw a hole about 10 cm deep in the lawn in front of the first floor of a building in the new territories community of sunshine city” The worker fell head down and landed on the ground. 1t’s so miserable that he made a hole in the lawn. ” A security guard pointed to the hole and said

according to the security guard on duty in the community, the house in the community was handed over last year. At present, many owners have begun to decorate it. The worker installed the glass windows of the balcony for an owner on the 12th floor. At that time, they were on duty in the security room when they heard a loud “bang” and the surrounding residents were in a state of alarm. They immediately went out to have a look and found a 40 year old decorator lying on the lawn

120 ambulances and police arrived quickly, and the medical staff found that the worker who fell from the building had no vital signs. The property said that when the owner was not at home, they found that the decorator had not tied a safety rope after checking. The owner of the 12th floor asked a foreman to install the balcony glass windows, and the foreman asked the dead to come for construction. At present, the owners and foremen are being contacted

the police at the scene said that it was initially judged to be an accident. They are pacifying the family members of the dead and actively coordinating the handling of the aftermath

since last year, this newspaper has received several reports of falling accidents caused by decoration workers and air-conditioning installers working at height. 1ndustry insiders said that working at height is a special occupation, which needs to be trained and obtain the corresponding qualification certificate. Chen gaohui, general manager of contour outdoor sports club, said that according to his understanding, at present, many migrant workers engaged in high-altitude work in Fuzhou do not have the knowledge of equipment selection and maintenance, and hope that the safety supervision department can increase the promotion of such safety knowledge and minimize the occurrence of such tragedies

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a man fell from his roof at about 10 pm on May 16. Fortunately, he fell on the roof of the house next door and survived

the fireman of the street squadron of Minhou fire brigade told the reporter that the man lived next to the cinema in Nanyu town and fell from the roof of the fourth floor of his home to the roof of the third floor of the house next door. After they arrived at the scene to learn about the situation, they immediately asked the medical staff to check the injuries of the people who fell from the building. After simple treatment by medical staff, the fireman lifted the man down. Firefighters at the scene said the 19-year-old man was fuming with alcohol

the injured told the fireman that he had never been on the roof of his own building. On the night of the incident, it was muggy, so he went upstairs to have a cool. At that time, it was dark. He was holding a bamboo pole in his hand and suddenly lost his balance. He fell on the roof of his neighbor’s house, aching all over

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