Five brands of leather shoes were unqualified in the first quarter of Chengdu

yesterday, Chengdu Administration for 1ndustry and Commerce announced the spot check report on the sales of leather shoes in Jinniu District, Jinjiang District, Wuhou District, Chenghua District shopping malls, supermarkets, professional markets and other circulation areas in the first quarter of 2011

this test mainly tested the sensory quality of leather shoes, peel strength of upper and sole, adhesion strength between outer sole and middle sole, folding resistance of finished shoes, wear resistance of outer sole, bending rigidity of hook core, hardness of hook core, heel adhesion, hardness of formed sole heel, etc

the test results show that the insole wear resistance, upper pull-out strength, heel hardness and hook hardness of Leslie, nay, Paul knight, aradian painter and s – drolun shoes do not meet the requirements of national standards

the industrial and commercial department has ordered these enterprises to put the unqualified goods off the shelves and rectify immediately. Only after the rectification and review are qualified, can they be put on the market for sale

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