Five linkage boosts “safety month” to achieve actual results

1n order to promote the continuous and stable improvement of the safety production situation in Wenzhou, and actively create a good safety environment and public opinion atmosphere for economic and social development, the “five linkage” of Wenzhou has carried out a variety of activities to ensure the effectiveness of the “safety production month”

first, city county linkage. The office of Wenzhou Municipal Safety Committee has held mobilization and deployment meetings for many times, carried out propaganda and education activities, and realized “city county district linkage”. The municipal and County Safety committee offices specially issued a notice to carry out the “safety production month” activities in 2014, held a mobilization and deployment meeting, and jointly carried out propaganda and education activities such as knowledge competition for enterprise and township safety supervisors, so as to realize the “city county linkage”

the second is department linkage. 1n accordance with the unified time and theme, the relevant member units of the municipal Safety Committee publicize the laws, regulations and common sense of work safety to the public by using a variety of carriers, and provide consultation and services on policies, regulations and emergency rescue, so as to realize “department linkage”. The Municipal Bureau of work safety, together with the Municipal Bureau of education, the Municipal Bureau of culture, broadcasting and information, and the Municipal Bureau of electric power, launched the third “Dianjian Cup” on-site calligraphy, painting, composition, and stamp design competition for children in safe production; The first poster design competition for work safety was held jointly with the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau and the Municipal Federation of trade unions; 1n conjunction with the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the Communist Youth League Municipal Committee, the Municipal Women’s Federation and the Municipal Bureau of education, the “Ankang Cup” competition, “qingangang in action”, “civilized family”, “safe campus” and other activities were held

the third is the linkage between government and enterprises. Taking the “safety production month” as an opportunity, the city has carried out safety emergency plan drills to enhance employees’ safety awareness, improve employees’ disaster prevention and self-help ability, and realize “government enterprise linkage”. Organize and carry out the safety supervision activities of the public supervision group, go deep into the front line of enterprises, expose the hidden dangers of safety production, and make in-depth reports through the column of “speak frankly” of Wenzhou TV station; To carry out “five entry” activities, such as sending safety into enterprises, organs, communities, schools and villages, to organize and carry out “safety into communities” activities in cooperation with volunteer service teams, municipal public security fire bureau and other units, to arrange escape drills for life passages, to popularize safety knowledge, and to improve people’s safety awareness and self rescue ability< The fourth is social interaction. Watch the warning education film blind hole? 1n order to realize "social linkage", we should carry out warning education and legal publicity activities in the whole society, such as "lost way", safety education micro film "life scale", safety production sitcom "safety is a blessing"< The fifth is media linkage. We cooperated with many news media in the whole city to carry out the special activities of safety production news interview, highlighted the publicity of "the same responsibility of the party and government, one post with two responsibilities", the hidden danger investigation and management system and other key work, strengthened the publicity momentum, and realized the "media linkage". 1n combination with the ten key areas of work safety special rectification action, work safety inspection and the special action of "cracking down on illegal activities", the media reporters were arranged to cover the typical hidden dangers in the mainstream media, so as to promote the implementation of work safety hidden dangers investigation and treatment our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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