Five major issues in global shoe industry

in the past decade, the global footwear industry has developed rapidly, and the output of the world footwear industry has increased from 14.796 billion pairs in 1998 to 18.954 billion pairs in 2007. Since 2008, affected by the financial crisis, the world economy has declined to varying degrees, and the global shoe industry has been impacted” The development of the shoe industry is facing many global problems, including exchange rate, workers’ wages, inflation, energy, environment, water resources, raw materials, etc., which are all factors affecting the development of the shoe industry. ” Not long ago, at the 2009 world leather industry cooperation and development forum, roeland smets, executive director of the European footwear Union, called on industry colleagues to pay attention to the five major problems facing the development of the footwear industry

the exchange rate issue has become a basic issue

the exchange rate issue is a big issue at present and in the future, and it has become a basic issue. And now it seems that it’s not only about the exchange rate, but also about credibility. 1t’s hard to get business if you don’t keep your promise, so 1 hope entrepreneurs will be more rational when making decisions

workers’ wages determine the level of the industry

workers’ wages are an important factor related to the development of the leather industry and closely related to the consumption level. The level of workers’ wages also determines the level of the industry itself to a great extent. Therefore, we must do more work in this area

traditional energy may face depletion

traditional energy may face depletion. 1n recent years, the consumption of oil is very large, and some coal resources are also used. The use of nuclear energy continues to increase and will continue to increase in the future. 1t may be an important way to solve the problem of resource depletion in the future< More and more attention has been paid to the environment, which is an important sign of the change of people's attention. As consumers, we can see such changes in all aspects of life, and the shoe industry is naturally affected by this change. China itself is also a victim of environmental problems and is also troubled by these problems. 1n the whole leather industry, including the footwear industry, waste and pollutants will be produced, and proper treatment of these wastes and pollutants is an urgent problem. Europe now has reach regulations the scarcity of water resources must be faced with the problem of water resources is also the key. A large amount of water must be used in the process of production and cleaning after production in the shoe industry, and water is the most difficult to find a replacement, which has attracted more and more attention of the industry. 1t can be predicted that the world’s water resources will be more and more scarce, which is true in any industry. 1f we can better solve the problem of water saving, we will get a greater advantage in cost. At present, the main shoe manufacturers in European countries are considering this problem, and they have regarded water as one of the important production factors

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