Five new fabrics of Fuhua Shijia have been developed successfully

recently, the acceptance meeting of five new fabric products of Fuhua Shijia was held in its science and technology park. Relevant leaders of Jiangsu Wujiang science and Technology Bureau and experts in the field of textile fabrics attended the meeting to review the new products developed by Fuhua. The conference highly praised the five new fabrics, and fully affirmed Fuhua family’s unremitting efforts in developing new products and continuous innovation and progress. Through market research, prospect analysis and benefit analysis, Fuhua Shijia technology research and development department has determined the research and development projects, overcome many difficulties, and developed five representative series of fabrics: Rongke series, youmian series, shuft series, Menglisa series and Denise series

Rongke series fabrics are mainly made of fine denier nylon multifilament and polyester low elastic yarn, plain weave as the main style, and similar warp and weft density process parameters. The product feels soft and delicate, and can obtain excellent cashmere like performance and air and moisture permeability without coating. 1n this project, the fabric is not coated to achieve the purpose of cashmere imitation, which is not only conducive to the improvement of weaving technology and process level, but also reduces the environmental pollution

the warp and weft yarns of youmian series products are made of nylon air textured yarn with jacquard, lattice and sliver as the main styles, which are woven on the imported Tsuda Ju water jet loom, and then processed by cold piling, open width annealing, dyeing, moisture absorption and perspiration. This kind of fabric has soft handle, cotton feel, good moisture absorption and is not easy to generate static electricity. As a nylon fabric, its wear resistance, tear strength and tensile strength are much better than those of cotton. 1n addition, the fabric is easy to wash and dry, bright color, good appearance, good shape retention performance, and has reached the level of cotton in comfort, and is superior to cotton in many comprehensive characteristics

shuft series fabrics are made of 20d / 35F nylon filament, with plain, plaid and jacquard as the main styles. This fabric not only has the light and perspective style of ordinary fine denier fabric, but also has the silk like lubrication feel, soft, waxy and smooth, skin friendly and comfortable. The fabric also has a certain moisture permeability, which can make it not stuffy to wear and not close to the body when it is wet. After testing, the physical indexes of the fabric meet the national standard. The successful research and development of shufute fabric has solved the problem of poor wearability of light and thin chemical fiber fabrics and changed people’s impression of chemical fiber fabrics. 1t is not only suitable for the production of original light and thin chemical fiber fabrics and clothing, but also suitable for making fashion clothing and so on. 1t has a good market prospect

the warp and weft yarns of the series of products are all made of nylon fine denier multifilament, with exquisite jacquard and lattice as the main style, woven on the imported Tsuda Ju water jet loom, integrating elegance, delicacy, fluency, fine softness, ultra-thin, light weight and perspective, which is suitable for the production of fashionable women’s wear, casual wear, etc. Mengli yarn series fabric is in line with the current fashion trend, the trend of science and technology and the development of the times, the development strategy from “made in China” to “created in China”, and the concept of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection in the 12th Five Year Plan. 1t has a good market prospect

Denis series fabric is made of bright polyester multifilament (20d / 12F) and semi bright nylon fine denier multifilament (20d / 35F) on Tsuda Ju water jet loom. 1t has the characteristics of light weight, perspectivity, softness, elegance and gorgeous color. 1t is suitable for making casual wear and down garment fabric. This series of products are in line with the development direction of today’s textile fabrics and the consumption trend of the public. The industrialization prospect is bright, which will inject new vitality into the market prosperity of fine denier ultra-thin fabrics

the above five products have been submitted to the National Silk Quality Supervision and 1nspection Center for testing. After testing, all the tested items meet the first-class requirements specified in GB / t17253-2008 “synthetic fiber silk fabrics” standard and GB 18401-2003 standard (class B products), which has passed the acceptance of Wujiang science and Technology Bureau, and its products and production technology are at the leading level in China

by Liang Liping and Zhao Zhihua

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