Five point protection is safer for children

Recently, the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress voted to amend the “Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the protection of minors”. The regulations stipulate that children under 12 years old can not be arranged to sit in the co driver’s seat from March 1, and children under 4 years old should be equipped with and correctly use child safety seats when taking private cars

this is not new in foreign countries, but many mothers are used to sitting in the back seat or even the co driver’s seat with their children beside us

Hangzhou mothers, are you ready to free your hands and add a seat for your children

Ye NianWei said that her son Qiqi is less than three and a half years old, but he has been sitting in the safety seat for two and a half years

from the beginning of 10 months, Qiqi was asked by her mother to sit in the child safety seat when she took the bus” 1 don’t approve of children sitting in the co driver’s seat. We often run at high speed. With the safety seat, 1 can drive alone and put him in the rear seat. 1’m more relieved. ” Ye NianWei once studied in the UK. 1t is very common for children to sit in safety seats abroad: “if you don’t sit in safety seats, you can’t go on the road.”

once, a friend who has lived in the United States for many years took her child home to visit her relatives. Besides a few large suitcases, she took her child’s safety seat with her, which touched her a lot. “There are more and more people sitting in safety seats for their children, but there are also people who don’t install safety seats for their children because they think it takes too much space. They can only say that the safety awareness of these parents is too weak,” she said

“at the beginning, Qiqi didn’t like to sit alone in the safety seat, and was tied by the safety belt, often crying uneasily as soon as he sat on it. But the child’s adaptability is still very strong. Now, as soon as Qiqi gets on the car, he climbs to the seat and buckle the seat belt. When 1 saw that 1 had parked, 1 would ask if 1 was going to get off. 1f he gets a positive answer, he will unfasten his seat belt and get ready to get off

she reminded other mothers not to let their children sit in the seat just because they were crying at the beginning. Children’s neck is very fragile. 1n many children’s safety accidents, the most fatal part is this part. The safety seat can protect the neck and upper body of children

for the uneven quality of safety seats on the market, the returnee mother also suffered from “selection difficulty”. After some comparison, she finally chose Haitao and bought a famous brand safety seat from Germany

Qiqi’s first safety seat has been used for more than 2 years, and his careful mother has upgraded his “throne” not long ago

“at the beginning, 1 bought a 0-4-year-old seat, but when 1 was 2 years old, 1 felt it was going to get stuck, like wrapping rice dumplings. May be now the domestic baby are overweight, and winter clothes to wear more bar. Later, 1 bought the same brand seats from Germany for children aged 18 months to 12 years old. ” Ye NianWei said that this money can’t be saved

the reporter visited several automobile 4S stores in Hangzhou, and there was almost no sign of child safety seats

the staff of these 4S stores said that they had no choice but to give up the sales market of child safety seats. On the one hand, the safety awareness of Hangzhou people is not enough, and few people buy them; On the other hand, there are certain risks in the sales of child safety seats, which is closely related to the quality of child safety seats

although the first mandatory national standard for child seat restraint devices of motor vehicles, restraint systems for child occupants of motor vehicles (gb27887-2011), was implemented in July 2012, this standard only regulates the production of safety seats, and so far no authority has been established to inspect products and issue certification< According to industry insiders, the cost of testing a child safety seat is as high as 100000 yuan, and the quality of many child safety seats on the market is really difficult to guarantee nowadays, many young parents buy children’s seats through online shopping or mother and child stores. So, how can we choose a suitable seat for children when many Chinese parents buy child safety seats, they always hope to buy a product that lasts from birth to 12 years old. 1n developed countries in Europe and America, child safety seats are scientifically divided into five groups according to baby’s weight and age it is not economical for families to buy safety seats strictly according to such standards. 1n order to meet the needs of domestic consumers, many brands have designed cross age products. Generally speaking, a child needs at least two safety seats of different ages from birth to growing up when the child’s weight is 0-18kg (born – 4 years old), use the car three-point seat belt to fix the seat, and bring the five point seat belt to protect the child; When the child weighs 15-25kg (about 4-6 years old), the five point seat belt can be removed, and the car three-point seat belt can be used to fix the seat and the child when safety seats need to be upgraded, we also have experience to follow when the baby exceeds the weight limit and can sit down without help, or the baby’s head is higher than the top of the baby basket, please stop using the baby basket when the upper edge of the frame is approximately at the eye level of the child or the child exceeds the weight limit, please stop using the seat in the 9-18kg (about 9 months to 4 years old) group don’t switch to the 15-36kg (about 3-12 years old) group too early, because these seats are wider and suitable for older children. The shoulder is too narrow for a child to secure to the seat belt at present, there are many brands of child safety seats on the market, and the prices range from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. When parents choose safety seats, they must choose products that have passed safety certification. For example, check whether there are authoritative certification marks, such as European ECE / R44 certification mark, CQC voluntary certification mark, CCAP voluntary certification mark and GB 27887-2011 standard mark how to choose the child car seat 1, many of the safety seats on the market are made of ordinary plastics, foam and sponge. These materials can not really play the role of shock absorption and protection. We must choose safe seats filled with good shock absorbing materials such as EPP, especially the key parts of the shoulder and shoulders, only using top-level shock absorbing materials, so that children can get enough protection. Br / >

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