five star assistant in the ninth phase of Dameisha net cover shutter wheel grinding

recently, South China city network and famous grinding wheel brand dameisa have reached a gold medal strategic cooperation, and a large number of abrasives have been put on the shelves of South China city network industrial products MRO mall. This issue of [explosive experience officer] mainly promotes dameisa mesh cover hundred impellers< Although it is only 100 * 16 in size, it is widely used in many industries, automobile Machinery processing of cast iron stainless steel, etc. high efficiency and fast speed this product is produced by professional resin sand, fine workmanship and clear product texture, the clear texture can ensure that the grinding is sharp and does not block when working. professional resin material has strong versatility, suitable for all kinds of materials can be used for grinding carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, alloy steel and other materials grinding evenly as a well-known brand in the industry, Dameisha adopts unique formula, professional grinding cloth layer, in terms of workmanship, the blades are uniformly widened, high quality materials, fine workmanship ensure good grinding shape retention excellent performance professional material + high strength glue combination, fast grinding and small vibration, excellent sense of operation, excellent material, effective anti-corrosion, anti rust, shockproof, heat dissipation and polishing performance, not to mention it is safe and firm people who use abrasive tools in the industry should be familiar with it, in addition to the grinding speed of the product, the safety of the grinding wheel should also be paid attention to in the application of grinding wheel, the grinding wheel runs at high speed during cutting, to ensure the safety of the product can ensure the safety of the user, high strength glue is used for dameisa net cover shutter wheel, machine automation is applied evenly at one time, makes the product more safe and firm, makes people more assured in use channel recommendation 1 believe that after reading my official recommendation, my friends have been determined to buy dameisa mesh cover impeller so the question is, Where can 1 buy it 1 recommend a reliable channel to keep you out of the pit, Shanghua south city net industrial products MRO mall careful purchase, buyers can scan and purchase the QR code in the picture at the beginning of the article, easy purchase! tips for grinding wheel installation the opening direction of the grinding wheel machine should face the wall as far as possible, and should not face the pedestrian passage or nearby equipment and operators if the grinder has been installed near the equipment or near the passage, a 1.8m high metal mesh should be set at the place 1 ~ 1.5m away from the opening of the grinder for shielding and isolation the grinding machine shall not be installed in places with corrosive gas or flammable and explosive materials the grinding machine should be installed on a dry ground sufficient illumination should be ensured at the use site of grinding machine this time, we recommend that we end the ~ visit. We want to know more about the industrial products MRO industry information and explosive products. Please pay attention to the official account of Southern China public network, WeChat hncw2012 .

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