Five step method for occupational health examination

Since the beginning of this year, Shizhu County of Chongqing has adopted the five step working method of “one preparation, two listening, three seeing, four asking and five checking” to supervise and inspect the occupational health management of the employing units, and has achieved good results. The author learned from the office of the County Safety Committee that since this year, 32 employers have been inspected in the county, 53 hidden dangers have been ordered to rectify within a time limit, and 5 employers who violate the occupational health management have been put on file for investigation

first aid refers to the preparation for supervision and inspection. Determine the object of supervision and inspection, understand the process and occupational hazard factors, and refer to relevant laws, regulations and standards

the second listening refers to listening to the work introduction of the employer. 1t includes technological process, main products, number of people exposed to occupational hazards, types and distribution of main occupational hazards, implementation of occupational disease prevention and control, pre job, on job and off job occupational health examination, detection of occupational hazards, and occupational health training of employees, Distribution of personal protective equipment, setting and use of occupational hazard protection facilities, etc

the third inspection refers to the inspection of the production and operation site, including whether the production layout and operation mode are reasonable, whether the harmful operation is separated from the harmless operation, whether the workplace is separated from the living place, whether the workplace is inhabited, whether the occupational health protection facilities for the harmful operation post and the wearing of personal protection facilities for workers, warning signs, warning instructions, etc Bulletin board information

four questions refer to asking the workers on the production site. The purpose is to indirectly verify the relevant information provided by the employer and prepare for the fifth step of “investigation”. 1t mainly inquires about the name of some workers, the time of entering the employer, whether they have had pre job and on-the-job physical examination, whether they have properly dealt with the personnel with health damage or occupational taboo found in the physical examination, whether they have received occupational health education and training, whether they have provided qualified occupational disease protection articles for workers, and whether they have signed a labor contract with the employer, Whether there are occupational hazard factors in the labor contract, and whether they know the occupational hazard factors existing in the work post and their compliance

five checks refer to the verification of relevant archives. Mainly check the occupational health management system and operating procedures, occupational health files and workers’ monitoring files, check the occupational health education and training before and during the work, check the declaration data of occupational hazard projects and the monitoring, detection and status evaluation data of occupational hazard factors, check whether the workers are informed of occupational hazard factors in the contract, etc

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