Five tips for removing static electricity under expert guidance

Some media reported that a woman’s arrhythmia was caused by static electricity generated by a mink coat. According to the report, the static electricity generated by the friction of clothes can be as high as tens of thousands of volts, while when the static electricity interference exceeds 7000 volts, people will feel electric shock. 1f people with more static electricity happen to be exposed to electric current, they may be corona instantly. 1t’s shocking. Do our clothes contain such high static electricity? 1f so, what should we do? On the afternoon of January 17, the staff of the health laboratory came to Wuhan 1nstitute of safety and environmental protection of Sinosteel and asked professionals to measure seven pieces of clothes made of different materials on site to see how much static electricity they had

experimental unit

Wuhan 1nstitute of safety and environmental protection of Sinosteel group is located on Jianshe 1st Road, Qingshan District

preparation for the experiment

we found seven pieces of clothes of different materials and sizes. They are chemical fiber down jacket, woolen medium length jacket, purified fiber sports jacket, chemical fiber cotton padded jacket, short sweater made of cotton thread and chemical fiber thread, all cotton sweater, and antistatic clothing (environmental protection clothing) containing conductive wire

experimental process

under the leadership of Tao Qian, engineer of the quality supervision and inspection center of labor protection articles in our hospital, we entered the constant temperature and humidity detection room. The potter first put the clothes into the charged charge tester and dry cleaned them in the friction machine for 15 minutes. Then he took out the clothes with insulating rubber gloves and put them into Faraday bucket. Soon, the electrostatic charge tester measured the value of charge. Do the same action seven times, and then complete the detection of seven clothes

experimental results

explosion table of long chemical fiber down jacket and medium and long woolen overcoat

according to the detection standard of anti-static clothing, potters tested these seven clothes for us. The result is: explosion table of chemical fiber down jacket and medium and long woolen overcoat, the charge of purified fiber sports jacket is 0.985 μ c. The electrostatic charge of sweater made of cotton and chemical fiber is 0.443 μ c. The electrostatic charge of the cotton padded jacket is 0.102 μ c. The electrostatic charge of cotton sweater is 0.031 μ c. The charge of antistatic clothing is – 104 μ c. The potter explained, μ C is a micro library, μ 1t means micro, equal to the – 6th power of 10; C is the Coulomb, the basic unit of electricity. 1C (Coulomb) is the amount of electricity transported by 1a (ampere) current in 1s (second), that is, 1c = 1a × S. This electrostatic detection device is mainly used to detect anti-static clothing, so the unit is very small

interpretation of the results

Liao Yufeng, Ph.D. in electronic information engineering and associate professor of electromagnetic field and wave at Wuhan University of science and technology, said that the explosion of chemical fiber down jacket and medium and long woolen coat was expected. We all know that chemical fiber materials and animal fur clothing are easy to carry more static electricity, while cotton clothing generally carries less static electricity than chemical fiber clothing, which is determined by its dielectric electrostatic constant

however, there is a strange phenomenon that the electrostatic charge of sweater made of cotton thread and chemical fiber thread is 0.443 μ c. The electrostatic charge of the chemical fiber cotton padded jacket is 0.102 μ c. Why? This is because this sweater is bigger than this cotton padded jacket. 1ts principle is: the more charged a conductor of the same size and material is, the higher the potential it produces; The same charge produces different potentials on conductors of different sizes and materials

expert guidance

five tips for removing static electricity

Dai Yawen, Professor of Physics Department of Wuhan University of technology, said that the following five methods can be used to eliminate static electricity –

immersion: if there is static noise when combing, immerse the comb in water for a moment, wait until the static electricity is removed, and then comb

face washing: after turning off the TV and computer, wash your face immediately to release static electricity on the skin surface in the water. You can wash your hands twice a day in winter

changing clothes: changing clothes frequently in winter can effectively eliminate the static electricity accumulated on the surface of human body. Even if you don’t have time to wash, you can let the static electricity release naturally by putting the clothes aside

touch the wall: when taking off clothes, if there is crackling sound and blue light, quickly touch the wall with your hand

humidification: raise ornamental fish and daffodils in the living room. Put a basin of water under the heater, take an old towel, put one end on the heater, and the other end falls into the water. Use a humidifier

industry view

static electricity is easily generated when the relative humidity is 30%

Liu Hongbin, director and senior engineer of the center, said that the conditions for static electricity are that the temperature is 20 degrees centigrade, fluctuates up and down 5 degrees, and the relative humidity is about 30%. Temperature and humidity are very important. Generally, it is not easy to generate static electricity in the South because of the high temperature and humidity there, There is no climate condition to produce static electricity. Another condition for static electricity is friction. 1f there is no friction, there will be no static electricity, because static electricity is a kind of energy, and friction has kinetic energy

the high static electricity of human body will cause oil depot explosion

the potter said that if the static electricity of human body is high, sometimes it will pose a threat to the environment. 1f the human body carries high static electricity, or walks in the oil depot and coal mine wearing a long down jacket or woolen overcoat with an explosion meter, it is likely to cause an explosion. 1n the high-end electronic industry, if the static electricity of human body is high, the electronic components will be damaged< According to Director Liu, on the one hand, our main work is to reduce the impact of human static electricity on the environment, such as laying anti-static floor in high static environment; On the other hand, it is to reduce the impact of environmental static electricity on the human body, that is, to let operators wear anti-static clothes and shoes< According to Professor Liao, static electricity is static electricity, but it is only generated in activities. Static electricity will be generated when people walk, stand up and sit down; When people take off their clothes in winter night, there will be electric shock sound and flashing blue light; When combing the hair, there will be a wheezing sound and flying hair between the hair and the comb; When two people shake hands in cold and dry season, they will touch each other by electricity; 1n addition, when cumulus clouds with positive and negative charges collide in the sky, they produce huge electric light and thunder some people have measured the static electricity generated in daily life, and found that walking on the carpet can produce 1500-35000 V static electricity, walking on the vinyl ester floor can produce 250-12000 V static electricity, and rubbing on the chair indoors can produce more than 1800 V static electricity< How does static electricity come into being there are usually two ways to generate static electricity: contact electricity and induction electricity electricity generation by contact: electricity generation by contact separation. When two objects of different materials come into contact, one loses its charge and becomes positively charged, while the other gets its charge and becomes negatively charged. After the separation of the materials, the balance is broken and static electricity is generated. Stripping a plastic film from an object is a typical “contact separation” electrification, and the static electricity generated by stripping is also a “contact separation” electrification induction electricity generation: when a charged object approaches an uncharged object, negative and positive charges will be induced at both ends of the uncharged conductor. The practical example of induction electrification, such as generator, is to use the closed coil to rotate in the magnetic field, so as to constantly change the magnetic flux in the closed coil and generate current What discomfort does static electricity bring to people the human body is a combination of cells composed of a large number of chemical molecular formulas, and everyone carries infinite positive and negative charges. 1n medical research, the potential of cell membrane in healthy human body is in balance. When people are sick, cell membrane potential is unbalanced Zhang Wei, deputy chief physician of Rehabilitation Department of Wuhan Baimu Renhe Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said that static electricity is mysterious, invisible, and can accumulate in the human body. Too much static electricity will affect the physiological balance, making people dizzy, headache, irritability and insomnia and other symptoms. 1t is reported that about one third of cardiovascular diseases in winter are related to static electricity director Zhang said that the most effective way to eliminate human static electricity is to “ground” the body, that is, take off your shoes and step on the ground when you are free. 1f you are in a place with high static electricity, you must wear anti-static shoes experts remind all cotton clothes can’t prevent static electricity the potter said that all cotton clothes are not easy to produce static electricity, but they can’t be used as anti-static clothes. Anti static clothing is a kind of special clothing, its fabric is woven with metal conductive wire, which can export static electricity, but cotton clothing has no such function anti static clothing can’t prevent radiation director Liu said that anti-static clothing can prevent electrostatic damage to human body, but it can’t prevent radiation. Anti static clothing is woven with carbon fiber conductive wire on the clothes to release the static charge generated by the contact between human body and other things; The principle of radiation protection is achieved by signal shielding, that is, adding metal mesh structure in the clothing “touching the wall” may not be able to remove static electricity touching the wall is often practiced by some people. But now many wall decoration with paint, plastic and other insulating materials, its conductivity is lower than the ordinary wall. Therefore, not all walls can effectively remove static electricity copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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