Five ways to distinguish earplug

One of the identification methods: its anti noise function directly affects the quality of earplug

it’s not like what some people think: if the density of earplug is high, then its anti noise function is strong. The strength of its resistance to noise should depend on the composition of the material, and whether the formula is scientific

the second identification method: its softness is related to the quality of the earplug

if the general earplug is soft and comfortable to wear, its anti noise function will be relatively low, but only for the general earplug, those professional earplugs can have both these two characteristics, that is, it can have enough softness, and also can achieve relatively high anti noise function

the third identification method: its durability is related to the quality of earplugs

as we all know, those labor protection earplugs can only be used once and can not be used again. Only sleep earplugs can be reused. So the quality of sleep earplug is generally better than that of labor protection earplug

identification method 4: the safety related indexes are related to the quality of earplugs

the high-quality earplug has been tested by the safety organization. At the same time, its sales channel is relatively regular. Moreover, its ability to fight against bacteria and germs is relatively strong

the fifth identification method: the shape and the fit of our ears are also related to the quality of the earplug

high quality earplugs can fit our ears better. At the same time, their sound insulation effect is also very good. We will feel very comfortable when wearing them, and there will be no discomfort symptoms

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