Footwear giant Wolverine launches 1Cs system

you should have never seen a similar technology, that is, Wolverine 1Cs system

in 2009, one of the most successful technological innovations in the global footwear industry was the launch of 1Cs system by Wolverine in the United States. This comfortable system, which can adjust the insoles according to personal physical characteristics and wearing environment, became one of the most eye-catching patented technologies in the footwear industry in 2009

“if shoes are comfortable or not, it’s only when you put them on your feet.” this is a Chinese proverb that has been circulating for many years. Shoes that look the same will make everyone feel different

this is because the shape of each person’s foot will be very different. Even with the same size, the structure of each person’s foot will be different. Some feet are wide, some are narrow, some are high and some are low. As a result, the same pair of shoes will bring different feelings to consumers. Therefore, when buying shoes, every consumer should not only choose the size of the shoes, 1 hope these shoes are more comfortable to wear

consumers often face this kind of distress. 1t’s very suitable to wear shoes when they buy them, but if they really wear them, it will bring all kinds of maladjustment more or less. For example, sometimes it takes a long time to walk, sometimes it takes a long time to stand. Different working environments have different requirements for shoes, so every consumer will prepare many pairs of shoes for different occasions, because they don’t know about shoes, Consumers often don’t know that the pain of feet one day is actually caused by choosing the wrong pair of shoes< Wolverine, born in 1883, is one of the largest shoe-making enterprises in the world. As an advocator of global shoe-making technology progress, Wolverine takes it as its duty to make the most comfortable shoes for consumers 1Cs is the result of years of unremitting exploration by Wolverine R & D center. 1t is a patent technology tailored for consumers with different body characteristics and wearing needs. 1nnovative wave chassis design allows you to choose the most suitable settings for your own, in order to get the maximum comfort the wavelinics wave chassis has four settings to choose from to maximize the comfort needs of the feet F stable: when the cushion of heel insole is turned to “F” facing the arrow, it can provide energy for return when wearing, making walking more stable and comfortable. Suitable for all day walking, reduce the fatigue of long distance walking, reduce the wearing fatigue through better cushion rebound o increase the lateral support: for the wearer of high arch, when turning the heel insole cushion to “O” facing the arrow, by strengthening the lateral support of the foot, the wearer can increase the support of the high arch, reduce the outward tendency caused by the high arch, so as to maintain the stable balance during exercise C shock absorption: when the cushion of heel insole is turned to “C” facing the arrow, it can cushion and shock absorption when it is suitable for wearing. Provides greater heel resilience for maximum shock absorption. 1t is suitable for standing frequently, relieving the pressure of feet, and giving a more comfortable feeling for wearing when standing for a long time 1 increase the internal support: when the cushion of heel insole is turned to “1” facing the arrow, it can reduce the tendency of arch inward when wearing, so as to maintain the stable balance during exercise, give more powerful support to arch, reduce the inward tendency caused by low arch, improve the efficiency of movement and avoid sports injury Wolverine top configuration (Wolverine 1Cs Series) in the United States, the upper is made of imported cow leather, the leather is soft and elastic, which can keep the shoe shape, the sole is made of rubber sole with excellent wear resistance, skid resistance and oil resistance, and the multi-functional insole can rotate according to the demand, which can give the wearer the best comfort

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