For the sake of safety, please wear labor protection articles


not long ago, a friend of mine from a petrochemical enterprise buckled his coat in the wrong position when he was wearing the work clothes, which made one corner of the work clothes droop. When he was operating the machine, the lower corner of the work clothes was rolled into the machine, causing a serious injury accident. 1n addition, when 1 interviewed a chemical enterprise last summer, 1 saw that many male workers on duty were shirtless, short pants and slippers working in the workshop. 1t is understood that this is not the only enterprise that does not wear labor protection products according to the regulations

as enterprises pay more and more attention to safety production, many enterprises have made strict regulations on employees to wear labor protection articles when they are working. However, some employees often feel troublesome, careless and nonstandard on this issue, leading to many accidents that should not have happened. The accident mentioned above is a typical accident of nonstandard wearing of labor protection appliances. The labor protection articles used to protect the safety of workers became the accomplices of the accident. After analysis, it is not difficult to find that this kind of accident is completely avoidable, but because some workers do not fully realize the significance and importance of standardizing the wearing of labor protection articles, regard the wearing of labor protection articles as a compulsory requirement of the enterprise, or even as a burden, passively and reluctantly accept and do not use according to the requirements, which eventually leads to the tragic situation

labor protection equipment is an important protective equipment to protect the safety and health of workers in the operation process and avoid all kinds of accidents and occupational hazards. 1t can only play a role if it is worn according to the regulations. Although the enterprise stipulates that employees wear labor protection articles on duty, and also provides necessary labor protection articles for employees, in order to play a role in the end, employees need to standardize the use, resolutely get rid of bad habits, accept ideologically and consciously standardize the wearing

to achieve this requirement, enterprises can focus on the following two aspects. The first is to focus on education. 1n the weekly safety education activities, some cases of safety accidents due to irregular operation and nonstandard wearing of labor protection articles are cited to educate the employees. The employees who have no idea of the work should have a separate talk, do their ideological work well, arouse their alarm, and are not allowed to work if they fail to meet the requirements; Second, often to the post to check the wear of labor protection articles, and give severe punishment to those who violate the safety management regulations. Through strengthening the management, the safety awareness of the staff is constantly improved, and finally the good habit of actively standardizing the wearing of labor protection articles is formed. For an employee with a sense of safety responsibility, first of all, we should start from standardizing the wearing of labor protection articles, instead of taking the work cap as a “hat”, and taking the labor protection articles only as a kind of decoration, which is also the inevitable requirement of strengthening the detail management(Qian Cheng)

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