For whom does the “hat” alarm ring

in the hot summer, many workers use straw hats instead of safety helmets(Trainee reporter Yin Yun (Photo by Xu Tiangang)

safety helmet is an important safety protection article. Anyone entering the production site must wear safety helmet according to the requirements, which is a real “life helmet”. For the migrant workers on construction sites, it can not only effectively urge the migrant workers to wear safety helmets seriously, enhance their safety awareness, curb the “helmet” insurance, but also effectively limit the phenomenon that they borrow and wear safety helmets indiscriminately at work, and standardize the safety management of the production site. Recently, the reporter saw in some construction units in our city that the quality of the safety helmets of migrant workers is uneven, some of the certificates of the safety helmets are not complete, and some of them are used beyond the age limit…

wearing safety helmets is not allowed at will

in order to understand the situation of migrant workers wearing safety helmets on construction sites in our city, recently, the reporter has visited for many days, 1t is found that the wearing of safety helmet is the difficult “detail” of safety management: those who enter the scene without safety helmet for various reasons have it; Those who wear safety helmet but don’t wear mandibular belt have it” There are also temporary cramming “,” in a hurry “or dealing with the examination; Some female workers are not used to curling up their long hair when wearing safety helmets

at a construction site near Mashi, when migrant workers were resting, the reporter came forward to talk with them. According to Gong Shifu from Huangmei, Hubei Province, he and his fellow villagers all work with a contractor, who buys the safety helmet. The reporter saw that most of the safety helmets of master Gong and his workers are red, which are very old. One worker’s hat has been broken

the reporter asked Mr. Gong and his workers how much they knew about safety helmets. Mr. Gong said with a smile that safety helmets were not very useful in their minds. Now the weather is so hot, workers do not want to wear, “sometimes, we can not hold on to do not take, was seen by the supervisor scolded several times.” Gong said that although the safety helmet protects them, most migrant workers do not know its importance. Some people think it is a “burden” and it doesn’t matter whether they wear it or not

this phenomenon is also common in several other construction sites. However, some migrant workers know the importance of safety helmets, among which the new generation of migrant workers as a representative, they will take the initiative to ask to wear safety helmets. At a construction site by the river, Xiao Liao, a post-90s migrant worker, told reporters that he saw many accidents caused by not wearing safety helmets on the 1nternet” Last month 1 got my life back because 1 was wearing a helmet. At that time, 1 was pulling the cart with my head down all the time. Suddenly, 1 heard someone call me. 1 suddenly raised my head and only heard the sound of “Dong”. My head was numb and 1 found that my head had hit a steel pipe. But for the hard hat, 1’m afraid 1 would not be here. This has happened twice. Thank you very much for the helmet Xiao Liao clapped his helmet and said humorously

the quality of safety helmet is not optimistic

according to the national standard, each safety helmet should have the following four permanent marks: Manufacturer’s name, trademark and model; date of manufacture; Production certificate; Production license number. 1n addition to the above marks, the qualified safety helmet should also indicate the service life and precautions. The reporter carefully looked at the red safety helmet of Gong Shifu and his workers, and found that the safety helmet not only has no certificate, production license, manufacturer, but also has no safety inspection mark

according to the contractor of master Gong, she has hundreds of migrant workers, most of whom are equipped with safety helmets. When the reporter asked her about the price of the helmet and whether it was qualified, the contractor said that she would generally buy a helmet with a price ranging from 10 yuan to 15 yuan, mainly 10 yuan” Our contractors usually don’t buy expensive ones. 1t’s not worth it. The price of the safety helmet 1 bought is still high. Some migrant workers on the construction site have only a few yuan for the safety helmet, and even some workers don’t even have the safety helmet. ” The contractor explained

in the interview, the reporter learned that the quality of safety helmets worn by migrant workers in some construction sites is not optimistic. Most of the safety helmets of migrant workers are old, and the words on some hats are not clear; There are also some safety helmets with substandard quality, incomplete accessories, damaged appearance and “extended service”

however, in some construction sites, the safety helmet is very good. The reporter came to a construction site in Lushan District and saw that the safety helmets worn by migrant workers have two colors – white and red” Are your helmets secure? Did the boss buy it? ” The reporter inquired about a migrant worker who was resting nearby” 1t’s firm. 1t’s from the boss. ” The reporter saw that the safety helmets of migrant workers on the construction site have four “national standards”, most of which are new. According to a person in charge of the construction site, they are very strict with safety helmets. They not only guarantee the quality and safety, but also supervise the workers to wear safety helmets on the construction site

there are advantages and disadvantages of safety helmets in the labor protection market

in order to explore the quality of safety helmets, the reporter conducted an investigation in several labor protection stores in the urban area. 1n the Yuhua market near Dazhong University, the reporter found that a labor protection goods store sold more than a dozen kinds of safety helmets. And a few hardware business departments around sell only two or three kinds of helmets

the reporter went into a hardware store and said, “boss, do you have the cheapest helmet?” The shopkeeper took out a yellow hat from the shelf of the table and said, “this one costs 8 yuan.” The reporter asked about the quality of this kind of safety helmet. The owner said that the quality of this kind of safety helmet was average, and the best selling one was 10 yuan. Some time ago, someone came to his store and bought hundreds of them

the reporter took a safety helmet with a price of 8 yuan and weighed it in his hand. 1t was light and rough in texture. When pressed with a little force, the hat immediately deformed and only marked with the name of the factory” Does anyone want this helmet, too? ” The boss told reporters that this kind of helmet sales best, some site owners like this price” The most expensive one is made of FRP, which costs 35 yuan. Some bosses buy these expensive safety helmets only for the leaders, or for the inspection of the people on them. “

in recent years, the real estate industry in our city has developed rapidly, and construction sites are blooming all over the city. Nowadays, so many construction migrant workers work silently for urban construction under the scorching sun and heat every day. 1n the high-risk environment, they hope that the relevant departments will strengthen the supervision of safety helmets and effectively protect their rights

(reporter Wu Yeyuan)

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