forge ahead and grow up

Since February this year, with the support of customers across the country, the monthly sales of Sichuang technology once increased by 57% year on year. 1n order to meet the customer’s delivery requirements in time, the production department has worked overtime for 130 days in the first two quarters

in order to make employees work better and provide better services for customers, the company organized all employees to carry out group construction activities in Xiangyang on June 24, to release their mood and self

in the early morning, led by the company’s leaders, Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen and Mr. Huang, we carried our backpacks and started a training tour in Xiangyang where all the thinkers said they would go

in the morning, we came to xijiachi scenic spot, located at the southern foot of Fenghuang Mountain in Xiangyang. 1t is close to mountains and rivers, and has a pleasant scenery. Colleagues walk, feed fish and take photos here. The Sichuang people are as happy as a family

after a big lunch, 1 visited Tangcheng, the largest film and television base in Central China in the afternoon, which is the shooting site of many ancient costume films and TV dramas, completely restoring the scenes of ancient life. Watching the scene on TV appear in front of us, as if through the general

through this training activity, the ability of communication and coordination among department personnel and the team cohesion of mutual help among colleagues have been enhanced, which fully reflects the overall combat effectiveness of Sichuang technology and the determination of Sichuang people to strive for the common goal

the success of Cisco skills today is undoubtedly due to the trust and support of customers in the past 17 years. We have always been grateful to our customers and hope that we can work together to create new heights and create brilliant future in the next 17 years

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