Formaldehyde release period is longer, new house should not be taken lightly

When it comes to formaldehyde, many people know that there is a certain amount of formaldehyde in all kinds of home decoration materials, mainly for adhesion, hardening, anti-corrosion and anti insect functions. But there is a point we often ignore, in the decoration of a new home, formaldehyde or a “invisible killer.”. On Ma5, 2014, according to China news network, “a collective formaldehyde poisoning incident occurred in Hengmao international Huacheng jitibao kindergarten in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. More than 100 children developed fever, cough, nosebleed, systemic rash, sepsis and other symptoms.” As soon as the news came out, it immediately aroused the great concern of the masses

in order to further understand Jingdezhen people’s understanding of formaldehyde, on May 6, the reporter visited several building materials markets in Jingdezhen city. During the visit, our reporter found that many businesses didn’t know the formaldehyde content of the building materials they sold, what standard number and grade they carried out, and many Jingdezhen people knew little about formaldehyde, Due to the long release period of formaldehyde, Jingdezhen environmental reporting Department suggested that the general public should not take it lightly to move into new houses

building materials market: most of the businessmen were vague about the formaldehyde content of building materials

on that day, when they visited the Sixth Street of Haode phase 1 in Jingdezhen, many businessmen gave vague answers to the elusive parameter formaldehyde content in building materials. Some businesses said that they are using natural latex, formaldehyde content is basically zero

during the interview, the owner of a store selling cabinet furniture told the reporter that many furniture will use glue and anticorrosive coating in production. As long as glue and coating are used, the product will contain formaldehyde more or less. 1f you are afraid that formaldehyde will harm your health, you can put it for a period of time before using it

during the interview, the reporter also noticed that most of the sales personnel of building materials could not show the test reports of relevant departments, and could not accurately tell the formaldehyde content of the brand building materials they sold, no matter whether they were big stores or self-employed households. 1n terms of product marks and instructions, the lack is also serious

for the vast majority of furniture cabinets, some shop owners claim that the internal structure can be guaranteed for 20 years. However, in the process of observation, the reporter found that the products only have trademarks, factory names and plastic packaging, but there is no factory site. And in a few big stores, some businesses only show reporters the brochures of the materials used in the production of the products, but the product description can not be shown

citizens: formaldehyde is harmful, as long as the treatment method is appropriate, the harm can be minimized

formaldehyde can be said to be the most harmful gas affecting the family living environment, and how do the decoration workers who often deal with building materials treat this problem

on that day, in Jingdezhen era Olympic Garden community, Tian Shifu, who is decorating a new house for his employer, told reporters that when he comes into contact with decoration materials, he usually wears masks and gloves with both hands. As long as he does this, he doesn’t think it will harm his health

“1’ve been in this business for almost 13 years, and almost every day 1 deal with the building materials containing formaldehyde, such as paint, waterproof paint, mortar king. After such a long time, 1 don’t feel any discomfort in my body. However, 1 sometimes feel a little uncomfortable in my throat after contacting with paint for a long time.” Tian Shifu said that during the decoration work, he usually leaves the doors and windows of the house open for a long time, and when he comes into contact with some materials with high formaldehyde content, he will wear a mask or gas mask

in the process of talking with master Tian, the employer Mr. Chen also expressed his views. He said that formaldehyde is known to be poisonous. 1n the process of contacting with him, as long as the treatment method is appropriate, the harm can be minimized. He plans to wait three or four months after the completion of the house decoration before moving in, Wait until check-in to buy more flowers and plants placed in the new house to remove formaldehyde

environmental protection department: formaldehyde has a long release period, so you should not take it lightly when you move into a new house

excessive formaldehyde is a headache for many families. What are the common misconceptions about formaldehyde? 1f formaldehyde exceeds the standard, what should be done? To solve these problems, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of Jingdezhen Environmental Protection Bureau

“many people will ask, decoration materials are environmentally friendly, will the formaldehyde in the new house exceed the standard?” The person in charge said that there was a “degree” problem. The so-called environmental protection materials only show that the formaldehyde content in a single material conforms to the national regulations, not that it does not contain formaldehyde. When a variety of materials are placed indoors, formaldehyde may exceed the standard. But for some people, they often think that after the new house is decorated, they can rest assured to move in after 4 to 5 months. 1n fact, this practice is wrong. For example, the release period of xylene in the paint is 3 months; The release period of formaldehyde is 3 to 15 years” After three or four months, xylene almost volatilized. But formaldehyde still exists, so we should not take it lightly. “

during the interview, the person in charge also told the reporter that if people’s living environment encounters formaldehyde exceeding the standard, and want to monitor the indoor environment, they can report to the environmental protection department, or ask the monitoring organization with certification certificate in the society to monitor

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