Formalism should be contained in the field of work safety

After reading the commentator’s article “resolutely curb the signs of formalism” in the first edition of people’s daily on May 6, the author, as a member of the safety supervision front, believes that formalism should be curbed in the field of production safety. As we all know, since the establishment of China’s safety supervision system for more than ten years, the national safety production situation has basically improved, and the total number of accidents and deaths has shown a significant downward trend, with remarkable achievements for all to see. However, it is undeniable that formalism still exists in the field of work safety supervision, which affects the healthy development of work safety

the first is the establishment of safety production standardization. Standardization of work safety is a statutory work enforced by the state. However, some places and enterprises in the implementation of the establishment process, as long as the enterprise pays, the intermediary service agencies will send people to the enterprise to go around, print a set of template evaluation report, and send it to the enterprise. Some enterprises do not even have the most basic account and system, or the main person in charge and safety management personnel of the enterprise can reach the standard without a certificate. The ultimate goal of the two sides is to “exchange money for certificate”. 1n order to assess the performance and the number of tasks of government departments, grassroots safety supervision personnel have to turn a blind eye, perfunctorily deal with the problem

the second is the law enforcement and supervision of work safety. 1n the process of safety inspection, the leaders of some localities, units and departments follow the principle that the superior leaders ask us to check, and if we do not rectify the hidden danger, it is the business of the enterprise, for fear of offending others. As for the inspection effect, why there are such and such hidden dangers, no one to ask, no one to analyze. The supervision work can’t keep up. The same hidden dangers and problems will still be found in the next inspection. We don’t know how to regret it until there is an accident

the third is safety production training. Safety training plays an important role in improving the safety level of supervisors and employees. However, formalism still exists. Although the training institutions have strict learning management system, some students take naps, some play with their mobile phones, some just leave when they finish the report, and some come back when they take the exam, Being late and leaving early is characteristic. We should know how these people got the qualification certificate

the phenomena mentioned above do not exist in one or two regions, departments or units. To solve these problems, we must thoroughly overcome formalism, start from the fundamental interests of the people, focus on the actual situation, consider with practical work, and speak on the basis of actual achievements, find out the root of the problem in thought, and find out the shortcomings in our own work responsibilities, Only in this way can formalism take root. As commentators of people’s Daily said, “we must be highly vigilant and resolutely curb it.” only when we are vigilant against formalism in every link and effectively build a “firewall” to curb formalism, can we really put an end to using false achievements to deceive the superior, the masses and the organization, and educate and guide Party members and cadres to use their efforts to investigate the truth, make practical moves, and improve the quality of work We should be practical and practical

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