Forming technology of PU sole for safety shoes

PU soles of safety shoes include unit soles, all polyurethane boots, direct injection soles of uppers, hard shoe roots and the middle layer of soles, etc. The sole, upper or upper of all polyurethane shoes are made of PU. The all polyurethane shoes made of microporous Pu elastic system have soft boot barrel, wear resistance of sole, oil resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. The whole shoe is light, warm and comfortable. PU soles are usually molded by low pressure casting or high pressure casting, and a few are also molded by injection molding. The molding equipment is sole pouring machine. The normal pressure pouring equipment for polyester Pu molding is mainly composed of pouring machine, circular or rotary drying channel and other devices. 1n the original solution of PU sole, because components a and B are all liquid, the mixing reaction is violent, so in the molding process, the accurate measurement of equipment and the mixing uniformity of components are two important factors that directly affect the product performance. For the two-color sole, the two-color pouring machine is used for molding, and the mold with an additional middle plate is generally used, and the secondary pouring and heating curing are carried out

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