Four advantages of B2B e-commerce PK traditional channel you don’t know

The trend is always changing, and the e-commerce market is no exception. Sometimes new trends bring new opportunities, but also new challenges. The information age has become inevitable. The emerging development mode of e-commerce has sprung up both at home and abroad. More and more traditional enterprises are switching to online business, as well as the hardware industry. Now is the breaking year of the hardware industry. The surging tide of 1nternet plus is driving the continuous innovation of the hardware industry supply chain, pushing our hardware industry to move closer to the “online” industry. The traditional ecology has been broken, integrated and restored, and the hardware development has ushered in new opportunities. 1n this 1nternet revolution, the e-commerce platform of resource integration has emerged as the times require, opening the door to new development for many traditional industries

the 1nternet has quietly penetrated into all walks of life, and it is unstoppable. 1ts existence shortens the transformation and upgrading time of traditional enterprises and self-employed operators, increases the affinity of business entities, product exposure and customer viscosity, deconstructs traditional business ideas, and reconstructs a new business thinking for business entities. 1f you don’t know how to use the 1nternet, your survival mode will be marginalized in this rapidly changing interconnected world. The extensive promotion of e-commerce has broken the limitation of time and region, changed the method of sales and changed the form of trade. Compared with traditional channels, e-commerce has four obvious advantages

First: to enhance brand influence

for hardware enterprises, on the one hand, they should make efforts to do a good job in product publicity and promotion with the help of e-commerce platform; on the other hand, they should also start from the source of products and practice their internal skills. At present, in the whole hardware industry, the road of brand is still very long. The current hardware market has become saturated. Like products, the homogenization of marketing methods is becoming more and more serious. 1f the hardware enterprises whose reputation and customers have not accumulated to a certain extent want to stand out in the industry and rapidly increase sales, they must “suit the remedy to the case” according to the market situation. At present, the emerging one-stop industrial products purchasing platform accurately subdivides the industry categories, selects and aggregates a large number of world-famous brand manufacturers and brand first-class agents, realizes the comprehensive integration of production, distribution and terminal resources, and realizes the quotation of advantageous products in the whole network. Through the aggregation and influence of the platform, we can quickly grasp the advantageous resources, so that the hardware enterprises can get the accurate channel to find the downstream purchasers according to the industry characteristics. Massive website traffic and accurate exposure make hardware enterprises get twice the result with half the effort in improving brand influence

Second: focus on the largest customer group

with the continuous development of society and the gradual expansion of enterprise scale, modern enterprises require more efficient and fast management. What enterprises pursue is the immediate benefits brought by “short, flat and fast”, and enterprise procurement is no exception. Traditional procurement methods can no longer meet the development of modern enterprises. Data show that 82% of industrial customers in China will choose to buy industrial products through the “online industrial products mall”, and 87% of Asian respondents also said they would consider online purchasing more. The growth rate of 1nternet users is rising every year, more and more businesses trade online, and the security of transactions is also greatly improved. All these changes prompt us to keep up with the changes in the form and participate in e-commerce. Those who keep up with this change are not out of the chain, but if you don’t keep up, your performance may go down with the trend

Third: effectively reduce operating costs

the 1nternet breaks through the restrictions of region, time and customer group, users can complete online transactions at any time and place, and the whole transaction process of the buyer and the seller can be carried out on the network, including transaction negotiation, contract signing, payment for goods, delivery notice, etc. Smooth and fast information transmission can ensure that all kinds of information check each other and prevent the flow of forged information. Compared with traditional channels, e-commerce is more efficient, convenient and safe, which makes hardware professionals more optimistic. The innovative one-stop procurement platform based on information technology can improve the accuracy, breadth and speed of enterprise procurement sourcing according to system algorithm, manual matching and whole network promotion, and change the problem of inaccurate and untimely information in enterprise decision-making. Through “big data”, market demand information can be transmitted to enterprises for decision-making and production. At the same time, production information of enterprises can be immediately transmitted to suppliers for timely supply. 1t can also provide high-quality services such as model selection and quotation, delivery guarantee and payment security guarantee, so as to save procurement costs

Fourth: the inevitability of social development

now is an information society. Every breakthrough in information technology will bring great changes to all walks of life. 1nformation technology has been fully integrated into all aspects of society, promoting innovation and development of all walks of life. E-commerce can effectively solve the geographical impact, save resources and costs in the transaction process, and realize the maximum integration and utilization of resources. 1n the traditional consumption concept of the hardware industry, the buyers and sellers usually trade on the spot. 1f they want to change the traditional trading mode immediately, the feasibility is not strong. Guiding and cultivating the 1nternet awareness of the hardware enterprises and turning to the online development are the primary problems to be solved in the industry

how can traditional hardware enterprises create new eco environment by taking advantage of the 1nternet plus, and choose an electronic business platform suitable for them? One is to choose influential platforms, the other is to choose professional e-commerce platforms. The hardware mall of South China city network, which will be launched soon, will provide convenient and efficient one-stop purchasing services for the majority of hardware purchasers. The mall will introduce a large number of hardware brand manufacturers and first-class agents of international hardware brands. Tencent’s brand endorsement of HK $1.5 billion strategic stake in South China City, Ping’an bank as a reliable trustee of transaction funds, and JD cloud’s powerful cloud technology escort, There are also professional team operation checks, timely tracking of orders, so that online transactions are more reliable and safe. South China city network hardware mall is now throwing out olive branch to the majority of hardware suppliers, sincerely invite high-quality brand suppliers to join(South China city network)

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