Four changes in safety inspection

Safety inspection is a special form of investigation and Research on the implementation of safety management system of subordinate units. Practice has proved that this form has played a positive role in strengthening safety awareness, standardizing safety management and eliminating potential safety hazards in grass-roots units, which is worthy of full affirmation and should be persisted for a long time. But this kind of form also needs to be further improved and perfected, safety inspection work should pay attention to “four changes”

first, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the current safety inspection forms

in advance of the inspection date, it is conducive to act according to the plan, let the inspected units cooperate, and ensure that the inspection work is carried out in an orderly manner. However, in order to cope with the inspection, the inspected units “crammed temporarily” and relaxed the basic practice of “burning incense at ordinary times”, which led to the occurrence of habitual violations of regulations

as for the inspection object, it is determined from several key lists recommended by the inspected units in advance, which not only saves time and trouble, but also harmonizes the relationship between the upper and lower levels. However, the units not included in the scope of waiting for inspection have weakened their consciousness of “cramming temporarily”

in terms of inspection methods, listening, seeing, asking, checking and commenting are conducive to mastering the positive and negative aspects of the inspected unit. However, in the aspect of “asking”, it is often carried out in the forum. 1t can be said that few people can speak out the question directly, otherwise they will bear the burden of “smearing the unit and making it difficult for the leaders”. Therefore, we can’t find out what is famous

in terms of inspection effect, sampling several units one to two days at a time is helpful to grasp the situation. However, due to the short time, more content and wide inspection area, it is easy to go through the motions< 1n view of the existing problems, while adhering to the past effective methods and steps, safety inspection should also focus on the "four changes": in terms of determining the inspection date, it should be changed from ventilation inspection to non appointment inspection. 1t’s better not to give notice in advance and engage in a “surprise attack” to see how the normal management of the inspected units is? Taste “original” as far as the inspected objects are concerned, they should be recommended by subordinate units to be “auditioned” by superior units. 1t is up to the inspectors to decide which units to inspect. Even if the subordinate recommends the “object to be inspected”, the inspector should select the object to be inspected from the objects not recommended as far as understanding relevant issues is concerned, it should be changed from group discussion to individual conversation. Let the staff and workers eliminate their worries, speak freely, tell the truth, tell the truth, and speak out their personal opinions or suggestions, which may add “freshness” to the lessons learned as far as the examination scope and effect are concerned, it should be changed from more and more to less and more precise. Avoid “dragonfly skimming water”, pay attention to “dissecting sparrow”, and strive to achieve the purpose of unifying the form and content of the examination the implementation of “four changes” in safety inspection has added the flavor of covert investigation to the previous single form of inspection. The combination of public investigation and secret investigation may lead to some problems. For example, due to the failure to say hello in advance, there was no one waiting for the superior inspection team after they arrived at the inspected unit, and there was a lack of atmosphere of “welcome in the corridor” and “slogan welcome”; 1f no preparation is made before the inspection, the unsafe factors and problems existing in the inspected units will be exposed during the inspection, such as “foreign appearance” and so on. 1n fact, if the purpose of inspection is to eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards on the safe passage, and write down “violation” and “accident” double zero records on one milestone after another, whether it is the inspector or the inspected, it is worthwhile to have more “face-to-face problems” in the process of safety inspection. 1n this way, it has more practical value than reflection in case of an accident the results will be more obvious if we use the combination of public inspection and secret investigation. For the superior, it is conducive to grasp the reality of the inspected unit, to grasp the “pulse” of the quasi inspected unit, to prescribe the “good prescription” of the right medicine, and to explore and summarize the law of solving the common problems in the system; As far as the inspected units are concerned, it is helpful to warn the opportunistic phenomenon and behavior of “slack at ordinary times and tight at times”, to cultivate the good style of abiding by rules and disciplines and seeking truth and pragmatism, to enhance the safety responsibility consciousness of “cure when there is” trouble “and” prevent when there is no “trouble”, and to promote the normal operation of safety management mechanism this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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