Four gold “hidden rules” summarized by senior purchasers!

A traditional a manufacturing enterprise which has been put into operation for many years: although it has been in operation for many years, the company’s procurement mode is still relatively primitive, and the procurement department has been following the management mode of pull procurement. Recently, due to the change of product structure, the updating of old suppliers can’t keep up with the demand, the purchase order can’t be completed, and the quality can’t be guaranteed. 1n a hurry, it’s hard for enterprises to find a good substitute. This kind of extensive procurement system can’t keep up with the development of the industry. There will be several outcomes: one is unable to complete the task, the other is careless, and the third is loopholes

it takes time and energy to cultivate suppliers. The purchaser is limited by a certain supplier, which is indeed the sorrow of purchasing. Purchasing is a very sensitive department, where the economic lifeline begins. 1 believe everyone who has done purchasing has a deep understanding. However, to follow the following “hidden rules” will bring real benefits to the enterprise, whether it is a purchasing manager or a purchaser

1. The management should pay enough attention to the management of purchasers

the managers of enterprise a pay attention to the sales work of the market terminal and push the sales work to the top of the company’s strategy. They often ignore the important influence of the procurement management link. The fact tells us that as long as the procurement department reduces the procurement cost by 1%, it can increase the company’s profit by 5% ~ 8%

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