Four new fabrics of Fuhua family come out

recently, Fuhua family in Wujiang, Jiangsu Province invited textile industry experts to hold a new product appraisal meeting to launch the company’s newly developed four kinds of new fabrics, namely, tissuede, denim, seagull silk and jingyishu

it is understood that the four new products at the appraisal meeting were independently developed and produced by Fuhua Shijia. Among them, di velvet fabric is an upgraded version of traditional peach skin velvet fabric. The fabric has soft luster in vision, noble and elegant temperament, soft, fluffy, delicate and elastic touch. This fabric has stable size in wearing performance, easy to wash and dry, no need to iron, comfortable to wear, suitable for windbreaker, jacket suit, etc., which drives peach skin velvet products to high quality and high quality High tech development

seagull silk uses recycled environment-friendly fiber and soft and comfortable constant temperature sweat wicking fiber recycled from Coke bottles, which is in line with the national policy of accelerating the development of textile industry and adjusting and reducing industrial costs; Tenax is a combination of innovation and technology. 1t is soft, light and skin friendly. 1t fills the gap of this kind of fabric in China; And jingyishu is not only as thin as cicada wings, but also has anti-static function, which expands the application range of lightweight fabrics, with great innovation and foresight

experts from the appraisal committee believe that tissuede, tenifen, Haiou silk and jingyishu are at the leading level in China, which has laid a more solid foundation for Fuhua Shijia to strengthen its brand building, enhance its core competitiveness and seize market share. They unanimously agree that these four products have passed the appraisal

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