Four ones to ensure the physical and mental health of employees

People oriented, caring for the physical and mental health of employees, regarding the health of employees as the greatest wealth of the enterprise, attaching importance to and strengthening the supervision and management of employees’ occupational health, striving to improve the working conditions, ensuring the physical and mental health of employees, and ensuring the occupational health, physical health and life safety of employees

there are a lot of occupational health education. Strengthen the publicity and education of occupational health, enhance the prevention and control concept of occupational hazards of employers, and improve the self-protection awareness of employees. The safety supervision department, human resources department and Health 1nstitute urge all departments and teams to study carefully and organize production and control of occupational hazards according to relevant health regulations and standards. 1n order to ensure the physical and mental health of employees, relevant departments should be instructed to improve and rectify the places with occupational hazards in time. The company’s internal website, newspapers, slogans and other carriers are used for publicity to help and urge employees to master the relevant knowledge of occupational disease prevention and control, consciously abide by laws and regulations and operating procedures, improve the awareness of occupational hazard protection, and take labor protection measures to ensure their own health and safety. The company shall set up warning signs for occupational hazard factors at occupational hazard sites, publish emergency rescue measures for occupational hazard accidents and monitoring results of hazard factors, and remind employees to do well in self-protection. 1n order to popularize the use of safety tools and occupational health knowledge, relevant professionals are invited to hold regular training courses on the use of safety tools and occupational health knowledge

occupational health protection is not bad. Maintain the physical and mental health of employees from the source, and provide necessary labor protection articles according to the number of each post. During the unit maintenance, timely provide the maintenance personnel with protective clothing, new dust respirator and other protective equipment to provide strong protection for the staff. Examine and approve the personal labor protection articles on time and fill the vacancy in time. For workplaces exposed to dust, provide dust masks, noise earmuffs and other occupational disease protection articles for front-line production and management personnel. 1nstruct relevant departments to improve and rectify the places where occupational diseases may occur, so as to ensure the physical and mental health of employees. The company increases the greening and beautification of the plant area and the display of corporate culture image, creates a green and environmental protection garden type modern factory with local characteristics, and provides fresh and clean production environment for employees

there is no shortage of occupational health examination. We should strengthen the prevention and control of occupational hazards, and focus on the occupational health examination before, during and after work, so as to ensure the health of special workers. 1ssue a health examination report for each employee, analyze the physical examination status of employees, and put forward health evaluation and prevention suggestions, so as to make everyone know their health status in time, ensure that the majority of employees devote more energy to their work, improve the occupational health level of employees, and effectively ensure the physical and mental health of employees. Strictly carry out pre job occupational health examination for newly employed and changed employees, and those who do not participate in the physical examination are not allowed to work; For on-the-job employees exposed to occupational hazards, special physical examination shall be arranged once a year. For those who are exposed to occupational hazards, the regulations of not taking part in the occupational health examination and not going through the procedures of leaving the post shall be implemented

occupational environment monitoring can not be ignored. The company strengthens the supervision and management of environmental protection technology, establishes environmental protection monitoring station, strengthens the renovation of power generation equipment, and governs occupational hazards from the source. Regularly carry out on-site sampling inspection for dust, noise, harmful gas, dangerous chemicals and personal protective equipment at the production site within the scope of the company. Comprehensively and truly grasp the current situation of the company’s employees’ working environment quality, timely find out the factors endangering employees’ health in the working environment, put forward prevention and improvement measures, provide the basis for the company to effectively control hazards and formulate prevention and control plans, reduce occupational hazards and prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases. For occupational hazard factors, the company entrusts technical service institutions with occupational health detection and evaluation qualification to carry out the detection every year, and feeds back the detection results to relevant workshops and departments in time

through the “four ones” and other effective measures, strengthen the occupational health work of employees, make employees fully feel the care and warmth of the enterprise, and further enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise

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