Four standards approved by shoemaking Standards Committee

the third meeting of the first session of the National Technical Committee for shoe making standardization was held in Longyan City, Fujian Province a few days ago. At the meeting, four standards were reviewed, including the national mandatory standard “footwear steel hook”, the national standard “footwear chemical test method dimethyl fumarate test method”, the industry standard “footwear upper test method tensile strength and elongation” and “footwear, packaging, transportation and storage”

the members attending the meeting improved the contents of the four standards and agreed that the Secretariat should sort out the standards and submit them for approval. The four national and industrial standards shall be reviewed separately to form a summary of the review meeting< At the meeting, Wei Yafei, director of the shoemaking Office of China Leather Association, also analyzed several issues that should be paid close attention to by the shoemaking industry and the forecast of China's shoe market in the future weiyafei interprets the operation and characteristics of the industry in 2009 from the perspective of employment environment, domestic market, industrial cluster, import and export situation and capital operation situation she believes that the factors affecting the development of the shoe industry have shifted from the traditional factors such as raw material prices and labor costs to more attention to oil prices, RMB exchange rate, population factors and environmental protection. Under the influence of the international financial crisis, there are still many uncertain factors in the future< Wei Yafei pointed out that the shoe industry should pay close attention to such issues as the appreciation of RMB, the shortage of labor resources, the construction of urbanization, the price of oil, the entry of foreign retail industry, and the construction of logistics industry

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