Four thoughts on safety helmet selection

safety helmet is a kind of protective equipment to prevent head injury caused by impact objects. The utility model is composed of a cap shell, a cap lining, a lower cheek band and a back hoop. The cap shell is hemispherical, firm, smooth and elastic. The impact and puncture kinetic energy of the striking object are mainly borne by the cap shell. There is a certain space between the cap shell and the cap liner, which can buffer and disperse the instantaneous impact force, so as to avoid or reduce the direct injury to the head. 1mpact absorption performance, puncture resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation and flame retardancy are the basic technical performance requirements of safety helmet. The following considerations should be paid attention to in the selection:

thinking 1: what are the requirements of safety helmet selection for brands? We should choose the safety helmet produced by the manufacturer with high brand awareness and good reputation. We must not try to lower the price and ignore the hidden danger

thinking 2: what elements should be paid attention to when choosing safety helmet? When selecting safety helmets, users of product selection standards should pay attention to the safety helmets that meet the relevant national management regulations, have complete marks and pass the inspection, and check their recent inspection reports

thinking three: what is the relationship between the choice and the workplace? Select according to the workplace. For example, safety helmets with special technical performance must be selected in underground, underground engineering, tunnel, logging, live working and fire source working places. For users of live working places, safety helmets with electrical insulation performance and qualified inspection shall be selected; When working in low temperature environment, safety helmet with low temperature protection performance and qualified inspection shall be selected. The safety helmet used in general workplace must not be selected, so as to avoid serious personal injury and death accidents

thinking 4: what are the requirements for the appearance of safety helmet? According to the enterprise’s own characteristics and image design, choose beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, wear comfortable, reasonable structure helmet

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