Four traffic violations caused by one seat belt

Due to not wearing the seat belt, four traffic violations were brought out, which eventually led to 12 points and degradation of the driver’s license, and a fine of nearly 10000 yuan. Recently, the first brigade of traffic police detachment of Jiaxing Expressway encountered such a driver who was “lost on the way”

on the morning of February 16, a Henan semitrailer slowly drove into Wangdian toll station of G60 Shanghai Kunming Expressway to get on the expressway. Police on duty in the process of routine inspection of the car found that the car driver Zhang did not use the seat belt as required, and then ordered him to stop and accept punishment< However, in the process of law enforcement, the police also found other problems unexpectedly" Zhang's driving license is a B license, but the vehicle he drives is a heavy semi-trailer. According to relevant laws and regulations, Zhang needs to hold A2 or above certificate to be qualified to drive the vehicle. " Due to the suspected non-compliance of driving permission, the police on duty detained the motor vehicle according to the prescribed procedures and took Zhang back to the brigade for further treatment. What's more unexpected is that in the subsequent information comparison work, the police also found that Zhang's driver's license was overdue and his vehicle's compulsory traffic insurance had expired Zhang didn’t know about four traffic violations, such as not wearing a seat belt, not conforming to the driving permit, not having his driver’s license verified, and not having his vehicle insured for compulsory traffic insurance according to the regulations “1 couldn’t get the test, so 1 went to see the driver’s license issued by scalper, but only after 1 got it did 1 know it was a B license.” Zhang told the police. As for why he didn’t take out compulsory traffic insurance for his car, Zhang was even more aggrieved: “the compulsory traffic insurance for this car expired in October last year. Before that, 1 gave a fellow townsman more than 5000 yuan to help him buy it. Unexpectedly, after the car was seized, the fellow townsman told me that he hadn’t done it all the time.” it is reported that Zhang will face 12 points and downgrade of his driver’s license, as well as a “huge” fine of nearly 10000 yuan copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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