Free formaldehyde detected in leather clothing such as Qipai

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued a warning on the quality and safety risk of leather clothing products, saying that free formaldehyde was detected in leather clothing products of LiLang, Jinlilai, only, ESPR1T, Qipai, georgeback and other brands after inspection

according to Shanghai Bureau of quality supervision, 50 batches of samples were collected in this risk monitoring, of which 47 batches were detected free formaldehyde, but none of them exceeded 300 mg / kg; Six batches of degradable harmful aromatic amine dyes were detected, but none of them exceeded 30mg / kg; Hexavalent chromium was detected in 11 batches, and the content of hexavalent chromium in one batch was more than 10mg / kg. Leather clothing belongs to the category of non direct contact with skin. Considering the severity of the risk and the possibility of risk occurrence, the risk level of formaldehyde, decomposable harmful aromatic amine dyes and hexavalent chromium in leather clothing monitored this time is “low risk”

there may be excessive free formaldehyde, decomposable harmful aromatic amine dyes, hexavalent chromium and other harmful substances in the production process of leather clothing. 1n the long-term wearing process, it may cause inflammation, allergy, and even cause human disease and cancer through skin absorption or respiratory inhalation

the national compulsory standard GB20400-2006 limits the content of free formaldehyde and decomposable harmful aromatic amine dyes in leather and fur. The content of formaldehyde in leather is less than 300 mg / kg, and the content of decomposable harmful aromatic amine dyes is less than 30 mg / kg. However, the standard is applicable to leather and fur raw material products, excluding their products. 1n addition, the industry recommended standard QB / t1615-2006 “leather clothing” has no provisions on the limit of harmful substances. The industry recommended standard QB / t2880-2007 “children’s leather shoes” stipulates that the content index of hexavalent chromium in children’s leather shoes is ≤ 10mg / kg, but the limit index of hexavalent chromium content is not specified in the leather and clothing product standard

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