Free health kit issued by Yongjing County Health Bureau

Recently, when the county health bureau held a forum for cadres and workers of various departments, a forum for all cadres and workers, a forum for going deep into Shuanglian village and Shuanglian household, and went into the hospital to solicit patients’ opinions on health work, it was learned that cadres and workers and representatives of the masses generally reflected that the cadres and workers of the health system did not go deep into the grassroots and face-to-face serve the masses, 1n particular, the masses will not be able to operate the basic appropriate technology of traditional Chinese medicine. 1n order to solve this problem, the County Health Bureau attached great importance to it and insisted on changing while learning. Through contacting with the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, it raised 350000 yuan to purchase 12500 health kits and 5.25 tons of sun salt for the masses, and organized health professionals at the county, township and village levels to carry out training on the use of health kits, so as to serve the masses face to face “Booster” of close relationship between the party and the masses, cadres and the masses

at present, all the health kits and sun salt purchased have been distributed to the villages and towns, and more than 80 trained teachers have been sent to the villages and towns to go deep into the farmers for hand-in-hand guidance and training

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