Free of medical expenses for pneumoconiosis

“1 never thought that medical expenses could be reduced.” Yesterday, in the No. 1 ward of Chongqing coal occupational disease hospital, several pneumoconiosis patients talked about the new deal with joy. According to Peng Gang, President of Chongqing coal occupational disease hospital, migrant workers who have not purchased work-related injury insurance and suffer from pneumoconiosis can be exempted from medical expenses of up to 3000 yuan if they go to the hospital for treatment

in the coal occupational disease hospital, many migrant workers learned this gospel. Zhong Taiyuan, a 58 year old Mason from Longchang, Sichuan Province, came to Chongqing coal occupational disease hospital through a friend’s introduction. After a week of treatment, 1’m much better now. 1t is understood that Zhong Taiyuan used small volume whole lung lavage surgery. According to the policy, 800 yuan medical expenses can be reimbursed” The patient who uses large volume whole lung lavage can claim 3000 yuan. ” President Peng Gang said that this is the 2014 Ministry of civil affairs “pneumoconiosis migrant workers lung cleaning and dust relief project”, undertaken by China Coal Mine pneumoconiosis prevention and control foundation, aiming to provide high-quality medical treatment for migrant workers and reduce the economic pressure of migrant workers with pneumoconiosis. All migrant workers suffering from pneumoconiosis can enjoy the welfare if they do not participate in the work-related injury insurance. Peng Gang also said that the foundation has identified 10 designated hospitals, including Chongqing coal occupational disease hospital, to help poor migrant workers with pneumoconiosis in central and Western China

it is reported that the welfare policy can be enjoyed by migrant workers with pneumoconiosis who go to the hospital regardless of region and age, and the only hospital in Chongqing can be reimbursed

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