Free physical examination for oral diseases in taxi Festival

March 14-16 is the third “taxi Festival” in Wuxi” Before the “taxi Festival”, Wuxi traffic and transportation management office entrusted relevant medical institutions to conduct free physical examination for some Xicheng taxi drivers. These drivers who participated in the physical examination were advanced drivers and love team members recommended by various taxi companies according to a certain proportion, with a total of 91 people. On the 17th, the reporter was informed of the physical examination results of the 91 drivers. Only one person had normal physical examination indexes, while the other 90 people had various diseases and abnormal indexes to varying degrees. The health status of taxi drivers was not optimistic

during the “taxi Festival”, the reporter interviewed 10 taxi drivers at random. Among them, 8 drivers said that their main physical abnormality is lumbar pain, and individual drivers have been diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation

it is understood that a total of 91 taxi drivers participated in free physical examination, including 78 males and 13 females. The age span ranges from 20 to 60 years old, and most drivers are 31 to 50 years old. There are 15 major items and 65 minor items in physical examination. The results of physical examination showed that only one person with normal physical examination indexes accounted for 1.10% of the total number of physical examination. The doctor thinks: “the health condition of taxi drivers is not optimistic and should be paid attention to.”

it is reported that about 37 kinds of abnormal physical examination results were detected in 91 drivers this time. The high detection rate of oral diseases (73.86%), cervical diseases (58.24%), fatty liver (58.24%), dyslipidemia (53.85%), followed by ametropia, hypertension, hemorrhoids, abnormal urine routine, abnormal liver function and so on. Among the 13 female drivers, 8 were found to have hyperplasia of mammary glands

according to the analysis of physical examination doctors, taxi drivers are in a state of tension and fatigue for a long time, with high work pressure, which affects the normal regulatory function of the nervous system. 1n addition, the lack of physical exercise reduces the body’s ability to adapt to the outside world. Lumbar and cervical diseases are the most common occupational diseases of taxi drivers, but oral diseases are often ignored in the past

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