Frequent emergence of haze leads to new commodity trade — selling air

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the frequent emergence of haze has given birth to a new commodity trade – “selling air”. Recently, a news about purchasing air at 1.2 yuan per mouthful has attracted netizens’ attention. Experts say that there is no classification of such products in China, which is suspected of “three no products” and false publicity. Consumers are advised to buy carefully

the reporter noticed that the nominal air from Weihai, Shandong, and even from New Zealand and other places has become a clearly priced commodity in e-commerce websites and wechat circle of friends. The prices range from 5 yuan to more than 200 yuan. There are simple mineral water bottles and pressure containers with “breathing masks”. Many shop owners are not clear about the shelf life, and even admit that they are “novel products”

one mouthful of 1.2 yuan can enjoy “fresh air”

“do you want to breathe the purest and freshest air? Let’s have a bottle of the purest fresh air in Weihai! No haze, absolutely pure! But the sea, the mountain, no price increase! ” On an e-commerce platform, an online store called “Weihai self driving tour club” put up a commodity called “Weihai natural fresh air” and put out the above advertisement

air, which is widely recognized as “free wealth”, has changed into a “valuable commodity” with different prices. From 5 yuan per bottle made in China to 219 yuan per bottle imported, air is also divided into different grades. Beiqing Daily reporter contacted a shop named “Weihai Hongyu fishing tackle” and found a “Weihai air” with a price of 5 yuan. There are only a few simple introductions in the details of the goods: “rich in negative oxygen ions, now loaded and sent, packaged in mineral water bottles, with a long shelf life, and buy one get one free in areas with serious fog and haze.” After learning that the buyer was from Beijing, the owner of the store said, “1’ll give you four bottles, a total of 5 yuan.”

but once the label of “import” is added, the price will be different. The reporter found that the price of Vita air from Canada is 108 yuan, which is 7.2l per bottle. And the nominal “New Zealand pure manual filling air, zero pollution and oxygen enrichment”, the price is as high as 699 yuan, the discount price is 219 yuan, the specification is 7.7L bottle, according to the product instructions can be used 180 times, the price of one mouthful of air is about 1.2 yuan

the shelf life of “breathing mask” varies

different from food that can be eaten by mouth, how to use air as a kind of gas? According to the shopkeeper, the air in the simple mineral water bottle produced in Weihai can only “breathe hard after opening”. The imported air from the other side of the ocean has a bigger package. 1t can be seen from the product description that the use of “New Zealand pure manual filling air” is also very simple – after removing the bottle cap, align the nozzle with the nose and mouth, and then gently press the nozzle

this “air” from Canada seems to be more advanced, with a “breathing mask”. The reporter inquired and learned that the bottle cap is actually taken off and turned into a “breathing mask”. After connecting the bottle cap with the nozzle, aim at the nose and mouth, press and inhale, and the air from Canada is sucked into the buyer’s body. So how long is the shelf life of such a bottle of air? The reporter inquired about the above shopkeepers and got different answers. The owner of Weihai air said it was not clear, “New Zealand pure hand filled air” said “as long as the package is not opened, it will not be expired.”. Vitaair, which is nominally produced in Canada, clearly states that its shelf life is one year

it’s difficult to define the category. The shopkeeper called it “creative product”

when asked what the effect of such “air” is, the shopkeeper named “Weihai Hongyu fishing tackle” bluntly said: “no one has bought it since it was hung up. 1t’s just an idea. Just satisfy your curiosity.” The seller of Canada’s “vitaair” also said, “it’s useless. 1t’s just a novel product.”. But the owner also said that despite this, there are customers to buy. The reporter saw on the trading page that the monthly sales volume of the product was 5

what kind of product category does “air” belong to” The owner of “New Zealand pure hand filled air” said that there was a warehouse in New Zealand, but when asked if there was a trademark, the owner only said that it was “imported from New Zealand”, and what kind of import was used when it was imported? The owner said “1 don’t know.”

however, the official wechat introduction of Canada’s “vitaair” mentioned that “vitaair”, which was only launched in May 2015, has sold 10000 cans in less than eight months, and the daily sales during the Spring Festival reached 100 bottles. According to the company, air is canned and sold to consumers through its own set of means. “Air has been strictly sampled by air quality experts and has a shelf life of at least two years.”< According to experts, bottled air is suspected of “three no products” for “air” to be sold as a product, the industry and Commerce Department said that at present, the current relevant regulations do not require the classification and special approval of “air”, but it will not restrict the circulation of such products. At present, Beijing has no registration information for such goods as “air” when buying domestic bottled air, consumers need to pay attention to two issues. First, it may be suspected of “three no products”. Any commodity should be marked with the name of the commodity, the name of the factory and the address of the factory. 1f there is no product on it, it is “three no products”. After this product is sold to consumers, consumers can complain to the industry and Commerce Department. However, at present, the situation of selling goods in the circle of friends is more complicated. After consumers complain, it will be more difficult for the industrial and commercial departments to investigate and deal with it due to unknown sales location and other factors. The industry and commerce department reminds consumers to be cautious about buying similar goods in the circle of friends Second, suspected of false publicity. 1f the merchant claims that the air is produced in Weihai, he should be able to produce the relevant production license to prove the origin of his goods. 1f he wants to produce the production license for canned air, who should produce this certificate? There seems to be no standard yet. 1f not, who knows where the air consumers buy comes from? 1s it a way for businesses to attract attention however, for the bottled air purchased directly from overseas by mail and other means, the industrial and commercial department said that as long as the production license requirements of foreign countries are met, there are no laws and regulations prohibiting the sale in China< According to Zhang Xueming, director of the product quality and Safety Legal Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association, air is different from medical oxygen, which is difficult to define in China" As a product, first of all, there must be standards. Products without standards cannot be sold. " At the same time, Lawyer Zhang Xueming reminded consumers that the imported air involves safety problems, and the tank body belongs to pressure vessel. The imported pressure vessel needs to be registered and approved, and special management is needed. Consumers are advised to consume cautiously

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