Frequently asked questions about safety helmet

Q: why not refit the helmet

A: the hardness of the helmet shell is the key to the protective function of the helmet. 1t is extremely dangerous for some workers to open holes or drill holes in the cap shell in order to dissipate heat or pretend to be non original accessories (such as masks). Because these modifications will affect the rigidity of the helmet shell, and also affect the protective function of the safety helmet. Filling or other non original materials should not be added between the cap shell and the cap liner, because the cap liner needs space tearing and deformation when it is impacted, so as to disperse the stress and protect the head. 1n addition, some chemicals, such as some paints or sticky substances, can damage the strength of the material of the helmet shell. Therefore, unless the manufacturer is consulted to prove the safety helmet, the safety helmet should not be sprayed or painted on its own, so as not to affect its protection function

Q: why can’t the helmet be used as a chair, a container or even a pedal

A: if the safety helmet is used for any improper purpose, such as chair, container or pedal, it may damage the safety helmet and affect its protection. These effects may be imperceptible to the naked eye, such as cracks in the interior of the helmet. 1n addition, if the safety helmet has been impacted, even if there is no obvious crack or defect on its surface, it should be replaced immediately to ensure good protection

Q: safety helmets are not food. Why are they expired and need to be replaced

A: the strength of the safety helmet will be weakened when it is exposed to sunlight, high temperature or experienced its own aging process. Therefore, after a period of use, the safety helmet should be replaced even if it has no obvious defect or impact. The surface of flying safety helmet is treated with baking paint. 1ts wear resistance and aging resistance are better than those of similar products. 1n normal use, we suggest that the safety helmet should be replaced every two years to ensure its protection. 1n fact, most of the safety helmets are located on the top of the safety helmet, and there will be a permanent mark of the production date. Users can refer to this mark to decide when to replace the safety helmet. Of course, if the helmet has obvious defects or has been impacted, it must be replaced immediately

Q: why is it not absolutely safe to wear a helmet

A: first of all, the safety helmet is designed to avoid or reduce the head injury caused by the impact of falling objects. For other forms of injury, such as splashes on the front or side of the head, effective protection will not be provided. 1n addition, the helmet can not offset all the energy brought by falling objects. For example, if an object is extremely heavy or falls from a very high place, even if the helmet is worn, there will still be a lot of residual energy borne by the wearer, causing serious injury or even death. Therefore, the person in charge of the workplace must take good measures to prevent falling objects on the construction site, not only relying on the protection of safety helmet, but also not wearing safety helmet to replace the measures to prevent falling objects

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