from April 1, 2018, these safety production related standards will come into effect!

National Standard

diagnosis of occupational decompression sickness

GBZ 24-2017

diagnosis of occupational chemical eye burns

GBZ 54-2017

diagnosis of occupational indium and its compounds poisoning

GBZ 294-2017

guidelines for compiling diagnostic standards of occupational diseases

GBZ / T 218-2017

General principles of biological monitoring methods for occupational population />
GBZ / T 295-2017

occupational health promotion terms

GBZ / T 296-2017

technical guidelines for occupational health promotion

GBZ / T 297-2017

technical guidelines for occupational health risk assessment of chemical hazards in workplace

GBZ / T 298-2017

dietary guidance for high temperature workers

WS / T 577-2 017

code for engineering survey of oil and gas transmission pipeline

GB / t50539-2017

code for fire protection design of building interior decoration

GB 50222-2017

technical code for high fill foundation

GB 51254-2017

technical code for laboratory engineering of initiating explosive devices

GB 51237-2017

technical code for bridge jacking and displacement reconstruction

GB / t51256-2017

GB / t51256-2017/ >Technical code for fire protection of building steel structures


code for design of natural gas purification plant

GB / T 51248-2017

code for design of railway loading and unloading facilities for Petrochemical liquid materials

GB / t51246-2017

code for installation and acceptance of steel making machinery and equipment engineering

GB 50403-2017

General requirements for safety of Micromotor

GB / T 18211-2017< Low voltage switchgear and controlgear Part 5-3: requirements for proximity switches (pddb) with definite functions for control circuit appliances and switching elements under fault conditions GB / T 14048.13-2017 general purpose variable frequency speed regulating equipment above 1kV and not exceeding 35kV Part 3: safety regulations GB / T 30843.3-2017 general purpose variable frequency speed regulating equipment below 1kV Part 3: safety regulations GB / T 30844.3-2017 grade 8 medium precision chain for general lifting steel short link chain sling GB / T 24816-2017 aluminum bottles for packaging of chemical products GB / T 22511-2017 plugs and sockets for household and similar purposes Part 2-9: special requirements for information sockets GB / T 2099.9-2017 internal combustion engine cooling system Specification for rubber hose and pure rubber hose for small amusement rides system GB / T 18948-2017 three dimensional climbing net of small amusement rides GB / T 34022-2017 rocking horse and seesaw of small amusement rides GB / T 34021-2017 analytical method for chemical composition of deoxythiocyanate catalyst from coal to gas GB / T 34234-2017 hydrogenation of low temperature sulfur tail gas Test method for catalyst activity GB / T 34233-2017 technical guidelines for formic acid production from yellow phosphorus tail gas GB / T 34226-2017 corrosion resistant hot rolled section steel for crude oil cargo tank GB / T 33976-2017 hot rolled steel plate and strip for bogie frame of high speed train GB / T 33972-2017 hot rolled wide steel strip for coal slurry conveying pipe G B / T 33971-2017 steel plate and strip for truck compartment GB / T 33963-2017 safety technical specification for methanol production from carbon dioxide GB / T 34250-2017 safety technical specification for formic acid production from yellow phosphorus exhaust GB / T 34245-2017 safety technical specification for methane production from coke oven gas GB / T 34246-2017 shale gas development plan Technical specifications GB / T 34163-2017 General safety requirements for purse seine facilities of cage football field GB / T 34279-2017 safety requirements for application places of outdoor fitness facilities of public sports facilities GB / T 34284-2017 safety signs and labels of fitness equipment and fitness places GB / T 34289-2017 elevators Escalators and moving walks operation service specification GB / T 34146-2017 safety of rechargeable battery packs and chargers for electric tools Part 1: safety of battery packs GB / T 34570.1-2017 safety of rechargeable battery packs and chargers for electric tools Part 2: safety of chargers GB / T 34570.2-2017 national standard 1nterface Specification between management platform of emergency early warning information release system and terminal management platform GB / T 34283-2017 lightning disaster emergency disposal specification GB / T 34312-2017 lightning protection technical specification for emergency temporary resettlement house GB / T 34291-2017 hail suppression operation early warning response GB / T 34292-2017 thermal power plant Technical specification for operation, maintenance and test of thermal instruments and actuators Specification GB / T 50539-2017 General technical conditions for passenger ropeway carrier GB / T 34274-2017 pressure pipeline specification long distance pipeline GB / t 34275-2017 technical requirements for port security system GB / T 34316-2017 portant 1ndustry standard Technical Specification for highway and municipal engineering Undercrossing high speed railway TB 10182-2017 code for design of railway military transport facilities TB 10090-2018 gear ring compression type thin wall stainless steel pipe fittings CJ / t520-2017 submersible axial flow pump CJ / t518-2017 < JG / t526-2017 safety production specification for industrial silicon YS / T 1185-2017 Technical Specification for waste gas treatment of regenerated lead production YS / T 1170-2017 technical conditions for impermeable graphite chemical equipment Hg / T 2370-2017 technical conditions for electro-hydraulic control cold wall slide valve for catalytic cracking Hg / T 5222-2017 insulation diaphragm for petroleum and chemical equipment Thermal coating Hg / T 5182-2017 Technical Specification for treatment of heavy metal wastewater by ion exchange technology Hg / T 5169-2017 children’s vehicle tire Hg / T 5265-2017 Key words: implementation of work safety since the day

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