From “invite suppliers to dinner” to see the supply chain management of factory

1n the hot 3C industry, the upstream enterprises have boundless scenery. Companies like apple and Samsung are absolutely rich. Behind them, however, there are a large number of unknown suppliers, and we often hear that a certain company has closed down again…

â–?there are very few enterprises that regard suppliers as partners

there is no doubt that the upstream enterprises are in an absolute dominant position, and decide whether to take orders for you and how much money to give you. 1t is this kind of relationship that very few enterprises can take suppliers as partners. Most machine manufacturers regard themselves as God. They can bully and squeeze suppliers. Many large manufacturers are also notorious in the industrial chain

â–?there are even enterprises inviting suppliers to dinner

“oppo and vivo are the few mobile phone enterprises 1 know that will invite suppliers to dinner and provide free accommodation for technical support of suppliers. 1f you go to oppo and vivo to communicate, you will always be treated equally and warmly, “said a 3C supplier

as for the management of supply chain, the purchasing director of vivo once said:

“the general principle of our treatment is fair and reasonable, reciprocity and mutual benefit. There are no suppliers in our name, only business partners. Both upstream and downstream are business partners. When partners come to our company, they come to help us. Naturally, we should invite them to dinner. We like to simplify things. We don’t have a fixed amount of food. We do it by ourselves. The company will never specially audit the amount of meals, because these are based on integrity, the company trusts every employee. After such a regulation, the suppliers will not be burdened when they come, and our people will be able to do things simply. They won’t have to pay the bill for a long time, and the company system will solve the problem. “

â–?it’s good to have basic respect for suppliers

in fact, in reality, there’s no need to ask for dinner at all, it’s good to have basic respect for suppliers! Let’s take a look at all kinds of upstream and downstream relations in reality, and we can find indignant situations everywhere

1) purchasing brings many suppliers together, makes them turn around, lets them proofing and door-to-door communication again and again. The supplier spends a lot of manpower and material resources, but in the end, it just acts as a foil in the game of purchasing…

2) after many times of communication, the contract is signed, but when the supplier starts production preparation and investment, he suddenly changes his mind and does not implement the contract…

3) in the project acceptance stage, he delays the acceptance for various reasons, or the leader is absent, Either wait for a meeting to make a decision, or need to observe again…

4) choose cheap goods, but later find all kinds of problems, this function does not have, that performance is not good, always make complaints, make returns…

5) refuse to pay for all kinds of reasons, even if very rich, When cooperation becomes a battle of wits and bravery, both sides will lose.

in reality, there are still many such unscrupulous enterprises. Suppliers have to waste a lot of time and energy on these things, and good cooperation becomes a battle of wits and bravery

for the powerful big brand suppliers, after dealing with such unscrupulous enterprises, they know that the water is shallow, and soon they will not play with such enterprises

if they are small suppliers, they are more likely to compromise, the price will fall again and again, and the payment will wait again and again. The tragedy is that these small suppliers are killed in this way! Suppliers have closed down, procurement is also extravagant for follow-up services and protection

after taking advantage of the company for a while, a little bit of advantage, and being forced to do so, the company’s reputation is in a whirlpool, and the company’s situation is also in a helpless situation…

â–?only in the same boat can it last for a long time

Yes, why not return to the normal business relationship and emphasize win-win cooperation? Treat suppliers as partners and keep each other comfortable. 1n fact, we can get more focused support from suppliers

it can be said that suppliers are real experts in their own fields, and the development of enterprises cannot do without the full support of suppliers in these technologies and solutions. Suppliers also have a lot of resources in the industry, and a good relationship is conducive to sharing resources and establishing a good reputation in the industry. When you think from another angle, you will find that suppliers are not only making your money, but also partners who help you make money

all the tricks won’t last long after all. Only when you become friends with suppliers can you last long

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